The X Factor 2012 auditions to hit Manchester this weekend – could you be the next Zayn Malik?

The X Factor team are due to hit Manchester this weekend.

Auditions will be carried out in the Manchester United football stadium by producers and researchers for the ITV show and the cream of the crop will be selected and called back to perform for the celebrity judges later in the year.

Insiders are hoping to find the new Zayn Malik at the tryouts and the One Direction singer rememvgered that it all started for him in the city, two years ago.

He has went on to conquer the world with his boyband, but it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t shown up to audition back in 2010 and he tweeted this week:

“This time 2 years ago I was auditioning for the @thexfactor in Manchester.. I can’t believe all this has happened since!”

The official X Factor twitter account replied:

“Could YOU follow in @ZaynMalik’s footsteps at the Manchester auditions this Saturday? ”

They added:

“See? One day changed @ZaynMalik’s life… YOU still have time to audition for this year’s #XFactor: ”

Today’s auditions are open to anyone and you don’t have to have previously applied or filled in a form for the show.

Second round callbacks will happen tomorrow, in the same venue.

The audition team will travel to Cardiff City Stadium next weekend, Glasgow SECC the week after and conclude in London’s O2 in April.

Will you be auditioning? Leave your comments below…

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9 Responses to “The X Factor 2012 auditions to hit Manchester this weekend – could you be the next Zayn Malik?”

  1. Bernadette Martina says:

    Hi, i am absolutely disgusted to the way I was treated by The X factor producers today, has any body else been failed by the system? So i’m 26 and auditioned for the ‘Dreaded and Controversial’ overs category, every year the judges moan about the lack of talent and they all dread the thought of being the mentor… I look about 21 and have a really good voice… Please watch my You Tube vid if you don’t believe me! Search Bernadette Martina! I applied with a video and got though to the call backs today, I was put in front of a lady who didn’t seam to have any interest or care for me or my singing she just tapped her pen like Britney Spears  and very abruptly said no! A young girl who sang before me had the same treatment… I was flabbergasted to say the least as she had a gorgeous voice! Definitely better than some of the finalists last year! Anyway I know i have a better voice than a lot of the ‘Overs’ that seam to make it through and really don’t understand why they fail people like me for the sake of ‘Controversial yet bad singers’ Rant over! Thanks and good luck to all those who are auditioning! X

    • Callum Chase says:

      Bernadette and Denise, my mates and I are in a group called Versatile (we were called New Boyz)ans we only made that group on Saturday after all of us didn’t get through as solo. We got through the first stage and were noticed by everyone, auditioneers and x-factor team alike, yet the second we got into our second audition it was as if the producer just didn’t give a damn. We walked in and it looked like he looked right through us, didn’t even listen to our story and just looked plain bored. As we were singing he pointed at his clip board and just laid back looking like he just wanted us to finish. The second we were done, he turned and said sorry guys but your not what we are looking for and that the bar for the groups is high and we don’t reach it. I’m sorry, but if x-factor were willing to give us a second chance, record us on the show and allow us to jump the cue to get a second shot I would of thought we were good enough for it. Especially when we had only known each other for just over 24 hours. I agree Denise, this show is going to sh*t its not a talent show anymore, its a god damn circus show…

      • Tim jason Jonny and callum says:

        Yeah in all fairness with ours it was the other judge that was in the wrong the x factor judge didn’t even get a say in so y have 2 judges to start with wankers we no now and we new then we would go far in the comp and that’s a fact other groups what other groups lol we wonted it more cheers Tim

    • jason fletcher says:

      Hi this is Jason cal Tim Jon bboys we got through th first round as a group and just b 4 the first round we were recorded vision an radio then went for 2nd round and judge from auxiliary tv Lucy str8 thru us. As we exsplained ourselves we only had 3 hour rehersal time and the other judge was undicied but 1 judge was adamant that our group was not to go through. I am unsatisfied with this devotion as it appeared very 1 sided. We asked a second apinion but wer refused so the the group an I feel we see unfairly treated. Other groups an solo artists set put through who did not deserve t be in the comp. Thanks for the opertunity and taking th time t read this email.

    • Chloe May says:

      I completeley agree, Im 16 and this was my first and last audition for this so called talent competition. I was also treated very unfairly, my first audition, the judge was very excited about my voice, my look, my personality and was astounded when I said i was only sixteen, I had to sing both my songs and he litrally threw the ticket at me and said I was a very talented and will go far, however when I went to my second audition again the judges were very posative about my talent and indeed right up untill the last second I was sure I had got through but to my astonishment they said NO and I was not given a reason. I feel that my family and myself were just used for the pupose of TV filming and not my talent. The people that got through could not sing very well or dressed in stange outfits. I found that this Xfactor competition today is an insult to the genuin talented people in britain and if this progresses in this way im sure ratings will fall, i was disgusted.

  2. Kayy' Islam says:

    god!! big bro gone to audtion!!! wish him luck

  3. Denise Tyrer says:

    I had the same treatment Bernadette. I got to the second stage they said it was a really good audition but the “bar is raised so high” but put a man dressed as mermaid through.?? Ehh!!! They put some awful people through who sound like someone is standing on there toe. I know i can sing or I wouldn’t of gone. They say the bar is raised high. Ha really so why is the line up every year so rubbish “Wagner” seriously. I guess am not one of the people that wants to make a fool of myself on national tv when i cant sing a note in tune. It seems that’s what the programme is about and Simon cowell wonders why the ratings are sinking the general public just want to see a talent show it seems they wouldn’t know talent if it smacked them in the face. RANT OVER. x

  4. sarah elliott says:

    I went to manchester on the 16th to addition on the 17th of march i got throught that round got the call bk for the 18 and made it all the way xfactor team were brillent i can.t wait for the next stage. Thank you very much xfactor

  5. David hartnell says:

    My names david hartnell and my group went all the way at the Cardiff auditions!when do u get an email phone call?