Ticket sales drastically drop – Has Zayn Malik damaged One Direction with Courtney Webb fling?

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We reported last week that many One Direction fans were selling their tickets for upcoming concerts, after hearing that Harry Styles was getting back together with Taylor Swift and today the ticket saga continues.

It appears that not only are Directioners trying to sell on tickets they’ve already purchased, but less and less people are buying new ones, supposedly because of their disgust with band member Zayn Malik.

Ticket sales website Seatwave has claimed that ever since news broke on Sunday that the hunk had reportedly cheated on his girlfriend with Australian waitress Courtney Webb, the number of fans searching for tickets for the upcoming 1D tour plummeted.

On the other hand, as girls came out in sympathy for Zayn’s girlfriend (Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards), her group’s ticket sales surged by 42%.

The website’s Louise Mullock told The Daily Star:

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“Zayn’s infidelity appears to have damaged 1D’s reputation as their largely young female fan base take exception to his behaviour.

“The two bands share a significant proportion of fans.”

Webb has claimed that she visited Zayn at his London home last week and spent the night with the handsome singer. He reportedly tried to film her during sex and afterwards was rude and abrupt and desperate for her to leave.

She claims she didn’t know Malik had a girlfriend, as she isn’t a One Direction fan but admitted that she became suspicious when she saw false eyelashes and girls clothing strewn around the house.

Malik has battled against cheating claims before and left Twitter for a brief period last year, after fans claimed that he tried to lure one Directioner to his hotel room while working in America.

perrie edwards

He said at the time: “I guess there is some jealousy because I have a girlfriend now and was a bit of a bad boy before.

“Perrie and I have had an understanding from the start. I told her ‘This is my job. Stories will come out. Do you still want to be with me?’”

It seems that her answer is still yes, as it’s been reported that when the story of his alleged affair broke on Sunday, Zayn travelled straight to Nottingham to be with Perrie and the pair spent the night together in her hotel room.

Has the story affected what you think of One Direction? Leave your comments below…

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5 Responses to “Ticket sales drastically drop – Has Zayn Malik damaged One Direction with Courtney Webb fling?”

  1. Sarah says:

    I think its totally stupid and those who are ‘directioners’ and selling their tickets are not real ones. I am a Directioner and I know this crap will come out and as a Directioner I have learned to trust and support them through all the gossip as I think many others should start to.

  2. sara says:

    i still love one direction,and i dont care about any of this

  3. Maime says:

    These 1D guys are just a little thick…. It comes down too drinking too much with both Styles and Malik.

  4. Kiley says:

    This is stupid!!! I mean why would these ‘directioners’ sale there ticket just because of this?! Im goin to their concert and NOTHING could change that! I know this whole drama with Perrie and Zayn is pretty rough but all of us real directioners can get through it by pulling through and helping each other!!

  5. Nikki says:

    I know 1D and its members very well specially zayn and i know that is has to be a rumour! Zayn can never cheat his girlfriend when we all know he loves her so much,,, and the fact that directioners are selling their tickets is also a rumour cause a real directioner would never do such a thing! And these rumours dont matter to us directioners! We are still their biggest fans!