Watch One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful getting the Glee treatment!

Yep, that’s right. Forget all that other stuff that One Direction have been doing in the US, you haven’t really made it until one of your songs has been featured on Glee.

In the Prom-asaurus episode which aired last night, Artie, Sam and Mike join Glee Project newcomers Joe (Samuel Larson) and Rory (Damien McGinty) on stage at the McKinley High prom. The guys sing One Direction’s big hit What Makes You Beautiful. Not bad for a humble five-piece who made it through the X Factor machine, though we’d imagine that the 1D fans would much prefer to see the band on stage rather than the regular Glee cast!

Highlight of the episode has to be Sue Sylvester calling Joe ‘Jar Jar Binks’, by the way.

And in case you’re wondering, the episode’s called Prom-asaurus when Brittany decides that the theme of the prom should be…dinosaurs. And she takes it to a strict new meaning by insisting that everything has to be done in a caveman style…including banning Blaine from wearing hair gel…with hilarious consequences!

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