Watch out Simon Cowell! Dave Grohl threatens to ‘throttle’ X Factor judges!

dave grohl

Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl has issued a warning to judges on TV talent shows such as The X Factor.

The former Nirvana drummer, 44, is not a fan of reality TV series’ it seems and has admitted that he has a hard time watching people, who he considers to be devoid of talent, judging young hopefuls who are keen to launch a music career.

Speaking to The Daily Star, the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hitmaker blasted programme makers, saying:

“People are judged so harshly by f***ing musicians that hardly even play on their own f***ing albums.”

He added:

simon cowell 2

“If my daughter sang her heart out and some f***ing billionaire said: ‘No, I’m sorry, you’re no good’, I’d f***ing throttle that person, I swear to God.”

Grohl previously got behind the effort to push rock band Rage Against The Machine to number one, ahead of X Factor’s Joe McElderry in 2009. The star revealed then that he first became aware of the campaign after a garage worker mentioned it to him while he was travelling up the M6.

“I’m paying for my sandwich and he said, ‘Are you gonna buy the Rage Against The Machine single this week? And I said, ‘Yeah I think I might have to!” he said.


He added:

“There’s some music that I question its intention,” he explained. “When people rise up and decide, ‘Hey man, I’m sick of this, let’s derail this other thing for something real’ I’m all for it.”

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