Will One Direction’s Zayn Malik make it home for Perrie Edwards birthday?

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Perrie Edwards will be celebrating her birthday in two days time and we imagine when she blows out the candles on her cake, she’ll have only one wish, a few hours with her boyfriend Zayn Malik.

The couple have been separated for weeks now, as she works in the UK, performing at summer festivals and recording a second album with her Little Mix bandmates in between, while the One Direction star is busy touring America and Canada with his group’s Take Me Home world tour.

Perrie turns 20 on the 10th July and last year Malik whisked the ‘DNA’ singer away to celebrate her special day and the pair enjoyed a romantic holiday together.

They won’t have time for anything like that this year and chances are, the pair won’t even see each other this Wednesday, however, some fans think that Zayn may be able to make a flying visit to London as after his band’s gig in Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario tomorrow (9th July), he isn’t due to perform again until Friday the 12th, when he is booked to perform for to a crowd in The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI .

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We wouldn’t be at all surprised if Malik did decide to make the transatlantic trip just to be there for Perrie’s birthday as a source told The Daily Star recently that he’s feeling guilty about the amount of time he spends away from his girlfriend. They said:

“Zayn feels guilty about how much time he spends away from Perrie. He has made a pact with her that whenever he gets a break, he will see her. They’ve made it work before, but have never spent this much time apart in one go.”

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The source added, “Perrie is really worrying, especially now she and Little Mix are getting busier with their plans to make it in America. They are starting to lead separate career lives–the next 12 months will be a real challenge.”

However, if Zayn doesn’t make it back, Perrie will be well and truly spoilt by her mum and Deborah Edwards revealed some of her special plans on Twitter, writing:

“just collected Perries cake hope she likes it ???”

She added:

“dont tell her !! i have to hide stuff in my car because she looks for her present hahahah…….off to Perries for her Birthday this week xx”

Do you think Zayn and Perrie will be reunited this week? Leave your comments below….

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8 Responses to “Will One Direction’s Zayn Malik make it home for Perrie Edwards birthday?”

  1. Jeannie love ZAYN4ever says:

    Happy birthday to my fav. Little Mix namely PERRIE EDWARDS!!:D Of course ZAYN will make it up to you he will do everthing for you( I guess) cause he love you.it will be a HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU PERRIE!!!

  2. Kirlia07 says:

    It’s not happening

  3. Iqra says:

    Zerrie is a very cute couple and I’m sure tht Zayn would find time to make it up to her on her b-day. Happy B-day PERRIE DARLING

  4. Lily says:

    Considering its Ramadan tomorrow I doubt it. If Zayn coming back to uk he has to be fasting and it wouldn’t be an excuse of yeah his traveling so he can’t fast type of thing. Plus a lot of Muslim directioners could think of it as rude and a distrespectful way to spend the first day if Ramadan celebrating my girlfriends birthday idk :/ whatever Zayn does us whatever he does.

  5. Gitika says:

    Hope not :| They never gonna last long anyways…no offense!

  6. poppy edwards malik says:

    i love zerrie lots and hope perrie has a great day happy birthday pezz
    i hope zayn can get back to perrie in london so they can enjoy her 20th.