X Factor 2011: Johnny Robinson aka Drag Queen Sarah Lee! (VIDEO)

Johnny Robinson tries his best to impress the judges

Johnny Robinson impressed the X Factor judges at his recent London audition, but we’ve heard that he may have been more comfortable on stage if he had dressed as a woman.

The 45 year old singer from Harrow, London enjoyed a real Susan Boyle moment on the ITV show on Saturday, after he emerged onto the stage looking like a camp chav but surprised the crowd when he gave a stunning and sweet rendition of Etta James’ ‘At Last.’

The hopeful, who got four yeses from the judging panel and won a place at the show’s London bootcamp stage, admitted to living in a bedsit and being unemployed, however, it has been claimed that he used to work as a moderately successful drag queen in a Soho club.

He is better known to his friends as blonde temptress Sarah Lee and one pal told The Daily Record that he was shocked when Johnny popped up on the show.

He said:

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the show.

“He’s an incredible singer – but it’s usually in a wig, dress, knickers and stockings.”

“I hope X Factor let him do a performance as Sarah Lee later on in the show.”

A show insider said: “He’s going to be a major player in this year’s show.”

However, yesterday it emerged that there is a more serious side to Johnny and he spoke of his own personal heartache, when revealing that he nursed his late dad until he died of lung cancer three years ago.

The quirky singer revealed that he had dedicated his audition piece to his father and just wished he could have been there to see the rapturous response her received.

Watch the video of Johnny performing as Sarah Lee below and tell us, do you like him better in a wig?

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2011: Johnny Robinson aka Drag Queen Sarah Lee! (VIDEO)”

  1. missgiuly says:

    thoght he actually had a woman’s voice at the audition

  2. julia says:

    I love to watch johnny i think he is so entertaining and i cant wait to see him in the live shows. i hope they let him do his drag act one of the weeks its never been done on the show before as far as i can remember,it would be a real twist to the show. go johnny go!

  3. J says:

    quite scary

  4. phil says:

    The XFactor is pure karaoke trash and nothing more, so in that respect this drag queen should do well

  5. miss sarah lloyd... wayout club london says:

    john has been a close freind of mine for quiet a few yrs now.. and i have always belived in his talents…as well as a mimmic….. his voice also imperinates kylies ”the lovers” on an album some where in asia… which has the like of gaga and madona on. he never got a penny for it.. but the track had to be specialy relased by kylie minouge management… john is a very special person.. and is also vey private… he dosent like to give out sob stories etc, ir to use it for fame grabbing. he has true talent…. he also has an origianl track called ”no mans land” which was produce this yr… but some close freinds… this track so needs to be heard…. its in the same vein as charlot churches opera pop song…. plus john dose a fabulose ‘back to black’; amy wine house rendition…….. this is a true star in the makeing.. i think x factor should be slapped in there wardrobe dept…….. i could have style john better for his sat show doing the kylie no…….

    giles edwin bishop
    aka.. miss sarah lloyd

  6. GOODIENUFF says:

    Thanx for this bit of insight Giles (Sarah) I LOVE THIS GUY – WHAT AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED INDIVIDUAL HE IS!!!!
    some of the contestants this year can’t hold a bloody tune, let alone ENTERTAIN!!! Johnny defo has the X FACTOR, and my vote(s) go to him everytime.

    I would love to see him win XFactor – but no matter, win or not, I am damn certain that Johnny Robinson is here to stay. THANK GOD!!!

  7. Sérgio says:

    Sarah is “FABULOUS” and very confident.
    Loved watching the video.
    Well done you.
    Big fan.