X Factor 2011: Lady Gaga vs Queen week picture gallery

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Well last night’s X Factor show was certainly eventful.

First of all there was a power cut, which delayed the show from airing for fifteen minutes, then Amelia Lily was announced online as the winner of the public vote, almost an hour before the result was revealed on the live show and then finally, the seventeen year old sinbger did return to the stage and gave a show stopping performance of the Queen hit ‘The Show Must Go On.’

In between, Gary Barlow slated Janet Devlin again, he also criticised Little Mix for being too samey. The other judges hit back by leveling similar complaints to a bewildered looking Marcus Collins, while Kitty Brucknell gave her worst and most tuneless performance to date.

Have a look at shots from all the live performances, in our picture gallery below.

Also, read our take on all last night’s songs and see who we rated and slated in our weekly X Factor chart and cast your vote on who will be going tonight, in our poll.

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