X Factor 2011: Luke Lucas is coming back next year!

Luke Lucas

Luke Lucas has promised his fans that he will be back!

The 16 year old singer was seen being devastated on The X Factor last month, when Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams dropped him at judges houses and refused to take him onto the ITV live shows.

The Take That star later revealed that he thought the talented teen was ‘too young’ and ‘not ready’ for the pressure that comes with becoming nationally famous, however on that point, Luke disagrees with his former mentor.

He told heat magazine:

“I don’t think 16 is too young. If people at 16 have a dream, they should chase it. If they want to go into this industry early, that’s their choice. All respect to Robbie and Gary, it’s their opinion, but I’m not agreeing with it.”

Lucas also claimed that although Gary claims to be a very hands on judge, he says that he barely saw the star while they were in LA.

He added:

“We spent a little time with Gary but he was busy doing things out there with Robbie [Williams].”

Luke may have failed in his bid for fame this year, but the talented teen has warned X factor bosses and promised his fans that he plans to give it another shot next year.

He said:

“The X Factor, I just want to let you know you should be prepared, because I’m coming back! Make some room!”

Do you think Luke should try again? Do you think he will be any more successful in 2012?

Meanwhile, we have started a poll, to see if you Unreality TV readers can once again, correctly predict this weekend’s X Factor result. Cast your vote here!

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