X Factor 2011: Misha B prays before going on stage

Misha B has admitted that she likes to pray to combat her nerves before performing on The X Factor.

The Mancunian singer has stole the show for the last two or three weekends on the ITV series but admitted that all the judges’ praise and the public support doesn’t help calm her before she sings each Saturday.

The wannabe diva told The Sun that she has her own pre-performance routine, to help calm her before a performance and said:

“What I do before I go on stage is pray. I believe prayer is power and I also chant as well.

“I sing ‘nerves into energy, nerves into energy’ and I keep saying it until my nerves turn into my energy, and before I know it, it is time to shine.”

Bryan’s stage fright started back in school and she admits that she used to sing with her back to the audience, she was so scared about their respinse. However she overcame the worse of her nerves by busking in front of crowds of shoppers.

She explained:

“I decided to go and do some busking in Manchester city centre because whenever I’d visit and go shopping there I’d see different buskers and thought, ‘That would be great’, and I knew it would help my confidence.

“Before I knew it I was drawing crowds and before I knew it my confidence was going up and going up.”

We don’t yet know what song Misha will be singing tonight, but we have some details about the club classics theme and a few of this week’s X factor song spoilers here.

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