X Factor 2011: Tulisa Contostavlos cried as Laverne Scott-Roberts fans chanted for Cheryl Cole!

Tulisa Contostavlos reportedly broke down in tears yesterday, after the X Factor audience chanted and called for Cheryl Cole to return.

The N-Dubz singer was criticising contestant Laverne Scott-Roberts, when the crowd at Manchester’s EventCity arena started booing and heckling her and calling for Cheryl Cole to come back.

The situation wasn’t made any easier when fellow judge Gary Barlow disagreed with her critique of the singer and said:

“I don’t know what you’re going on about Tulisa.”

Audience members who attended the audition venue, have claimed that the ITV show is going to suffer without both Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole.

A source said: “It’s strange without Simon, but the format’s really missing Cheryl.”

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8 Responses to “X Factor 2011: Tulisa Contostavlos cried as Laverne Scott-Roberts fans chanted for Cheryl Cole!”

  1. Max King says:

    I doubt that.

    Britain’s Got Talent went great this year without Simon and Cheryl.

    BGT lost its magic sparkle I feel when Simon came back, he’s like a big rain cloud hanging over the show, and he makes the whole thing miserable, and doesn’t give variety acts a chance, always going for the performance that was music related.

  2. Jules says:

    Cheryl was never on BGT??

  3. RubyRod says:


    Those “fans” are so retarded for chanting to support that talentless chav to return, too late now TG..HA!^_^

  4. HevTT says:

    Omg tulisa Is way better than Cheryl. Tulisa worked for her place in the music industry where as Cheryl got it haned to her.

    • Catherine says:

      I have to agree with you.
      Tulisa worked her but off to be where she is today and she doesnt need any attention seeking people booeing her and telling her that they want Cheryl Cole back. Tulisa was expecting it but it must be heart breaking to hear the boos of the audience and Gary didnt help. He needs to suport Tulisa and the Kelly. However, Louis has been nice to tulisa xx

  5. Vicky says:

    Tulisa u r doing an amazing Job don’t let those Manchester idiots get to u!! Cheryl Cole would be nothing if it wasn’t for Xfactor!! U my dear with the help of ur crew NDubbz have made it so far already!! Keep your chin up girl your doing a fab job!!

  6. Sarah says:

    I think Simon is great! Cheryl Cole, I can take or leave. However the new lineup of judges is excellent. At least they tell the truth and don’t let through rubbish singers just to entertain people.
    I don’t think the show is suffering at all. I always prefered Danni in the last show as I thought Cheryl was too soft and wet.
    It’s nice to see people speaking what everyone else is thinking, the truth!!! for once.
    Well done 2011 judges.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Cheryl cole was and still is an attention seeker. this is the first year of watching x-factor in 2 years.. only because new juges… fresh start. I swear people who cant sing only go on x-factor to have ago at the judges and act hard.. Well for all those people… YOU just look STUPID!!! Me and m family sit at home and laugh… Your all doing a great job.. well done 2011 Judges :D