X Factor 2012: Caroline Flack insists there is NO bad atmosphere between Christopher Maloney & producers

Caroline Flack has rubbished reports that The X Factor is a hot bed of feuds and tension at the minute.

It was reported a few days ago that a producer screamed and shouted at Christopher Maloney when he was late for rehearsals and insiders claimed it was because the staff member was under pressure, due to falling ratings and negative press.

Louis Walsh also claimed that Gary Barlow and Tulisa Contostavlos are still on the wrong foot, after he blasted her ‘fag ash breath’ on a recent episode.

However Caroline has insisted that everything is good behind the scenes and that there is no tension between the judges or anyone else, saying:

“The ratings don’t create an atmosphere at all on the show it’s still one of the highest rated TV shows on telly and one of the most talked about.”

The Xtra Factor presenter insisted that the atmosphere is fine and in her column for heat magazine continued:

“There’s absolutely no bad atmosphere at all.

“It’s the most exciting show to be involved in the atmosphere’s always just absolutely brilliant.”

It’s been a difficult series for The X Factor in it’s 2012 run and despite the talent being in place they are still failing to bring in the big viewing figures previously seen.

On Saturday night Strictly Come Dancing attracted 10.4 million viewers, half a million more than tuned in to the same show last year. In comparison The X Factor drew an average viewing audience of only 8.4 million, compared to an average of around 11 million people at this stage of the contest in 2011.

Bosses are hoping to turn things around by featuring more performances from celebrity acts on the Saturday night, as well as the Sunday live shows, however this ploy didn’t work when they had One Direction on last weekend.

Do you think Caroline is telling the full story? Do you think the ratings crisis is causing tension backstage? Leave your comments below…

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3 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Caroline Flack insists there is NO bad atmosphere between Christopher Maloney & producers”

  1. A says:

    Hope this is true, then if so couldn’t x factor do more to squash what is being said in the media, keep it more balanced…

  2. A says:

    I seems rediculous tht the put this statement out, if iti si TRUE , whcih I hope it is, then isn’t on behalf of x factor represent each contestant balanced. The Xtra factor is the worst at the spins, with all the prior comments with “Diva” contestants. Why are they singing a new tune. Did ITV get enough mails about the bullying today…

  3. Tim says:

    So we got simon beating up producers. Producers beating up chris and caroline insisting everything hunky dorree and its still a successful show. They expect us to believe that. Producers staging everything to try 2 increase ratings. Last week rylan almost made love to gary but then gary attacked his singing as diabolical. Novelty and clown acts such as chris and rylan that make it thru week by week that defy belief. We have blantant fixes such as poole exit. Dramatized sob stories, best first auditions such as jahmene and ella, song writer contestants etc. Simon in america fixing crisis ratings up there. He seems to think solution is so easy by fidgeting with the judging panel or coming back. When he does come back all the producers will be forced to eat s.it from his back side even though they tried everything. What does he do now? The only thing i can think of is simon become next yrs novelty xf contestant. Do the judges gun him down? Everyone will vote for him and he become the next brookstein 4 his own co