X Factor 2012: Caroline Flack says ‘people didn’t know what to do’ during Ella Henderson & James Arthur sing off

Caroline Flack has admitted that the X Factor studio was not a fun place to be last night.

The Xtra Factor presenter was as shocked as anyone else when it was revealed that Ella Henderson and James Arthur were in the bottom two and fighting for survival in the sing off.

Speaking on This Morning she revealed:

“It was an atmosphere that I have never quite experienced before in the studio.”

Caz added:

“There is usually a few boos or cheers but when Ella and James were standing on that stage and they announced that James was staying, there was no reaction, it was almost like this gasp of shock…they didn’t know what to do.”

She admitted that none of the team were ready to say goodbye to Ella and revealed that things were a bit chaotic behind the scenes of the talent show.

Flack said:

“We weren’t prepared for either of them to go. We should be prepared for everyone but in that way with Ella and James, we thought they would make it to the final….especially Ella.”

“There is always a shock exit and people assumed that Ella would be safe, they didn’t vote and unfortunately she left.”

Caroline admitted that she was sad to see Ella leaving last night and tweeted:

“That was a sad show. Ill miss ella xxx”

What do you think of last night’s results? Were you sad to see Ella go? Leave your comments below…

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4 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Caroline Flack says ‘people didn’t know what to do’ during Ella Henderson & James Arthur sing off”

  1. Anthony says:

    No I wasn’t sad to see Ella go, for one simple reason – She hasn’t gone! This is where her career really begins. Now she is free from that ridiculous excuse for a music talent show, she can set about answering all the thousands of calls she’s going to get from music agents and record companies everywhere. Tulisa’s lost her final act, deservedly so, so I think there’s cause for good cheer all round. The idiots have stayed in the show, along with the last sensible act – Jahmene. He’ll most likely go next week, then the remaining acts will represent the programme perfectly.

  2. Jackie says:

    Tulisa has brought this on herself, cheering Rylan on every week. Rylan is a fab entertainer but he is not a popstar or xfactor! Did she do it to wind Gary up week in week out? Bring back Simon to sit in her place, constructive comments yes, shear nastiness no! Belittling contestants on stage is cruel. You reap what u sow and if they want ratings to be high next year review the panel, think a lot will stop watching it. louis and Gary to stay. Maybe a member of the public on the panel!

  3. Sharon Majek says:

    I think it is what the so called judges deserve! They brought this on themselves with their ridiculous taking it to the public vote! The public will vote for their ‘favourite’ and not the best singer! I stopped watching after that farce in the first week when Louis had the chance to boot out Rylan and kept him in! I will never watch it again as it is no longer about the music, it is about getting one over on Simon Cowell! They haven’t lost Ella, she will have a far better career now she is out of the show, and I for one will buy her first recording! With people like Chris and Rylan left in while Ella and James are fighting to stay it just sums up what ridiculous depths this show has descended into!

  4. Mike says:

    The X Factor production team need to decide what kind of show they want to be. If they genuinely want a global recording artist to win, then dump the telephone vote system for next season. In short, a better model would be to sell audio downloads of each performance (for the going rate) and count sales. The most pertinent comment I’ve seen is that the X Factor has lost Ella. If the X Factor wants to beat Strictly in the ratings war, grovel hard and pay Ella and Adele to sing a duet on the series final.