X Factor 2012: Carolynne Poole stuns in black mini dress with Starships performance (VIDEO)

Carolynne Poole gave her first X Factor performance this evening and what a performance it was.

The 32 year old singer admitted earlier today that she was nervous about making her live debut on the ITV show and has even been suffering from tension migraines this week, as a result of her stressing and worrying about doing her mentor Gary Barlow proud.

In her pre performance VT Poole admitted that she finds it hard to let go and be free in her music, but Gaz gave her a great pep talk in which he told her to ‘let your shackles off.’

Taking to the stage this evening Carolynne performed Starships by Nicki Minaj, which was certainly an unusual song choice for the country singer. We liked the Carrie Underwood feel to the performance, though the wind machine blowing her hair may have been a little excessive.

The brunette beauty looked stunning in her black sparkly mini dress and knee boots and the only criticism we would have, is that the tempo was a little slow, meaning that the performance did drag a bit towards the end.


LOUIS: You are looking great, I think you could be a UK version of Shania Twain. I want you to get a record deal.

NICOLE: It was avery bold song choice, I think you did your thing on it. I’d like to see you lossen up a little more.

TULISA: You look stunning tonight, the vocals were brilliant, I felt like you really did let go. I can’t see how the song fits in with the theme.

GARY: Congratulations. Brilliant first performance, you took a risk, it definitely paid off.

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