X Factor 2012: Chris Maloney complained to show’s bosses about Gary Barlow’s absence saying he feels “neglected”

There have of course been lots of reports that X Factor finalist Chris Maloney is a “diva” and that he’s angered both his fellow finalists and the show’s production team with his backstage strops…

And today, it’s been reported that he’s probably now invoked the wrath of his mentor Gary Barlow after allegedly complaining to the show’s bosses that he’s had no contact with Gary as he’s currently away from the studios on his solo tour.

An insider told the Daily Mirror, “Gary’s currently working on his solo tour while he performs his duties as an X Factor judge and mentor.

“But Chris has been saying he’s annoyed that he’s had no contact with Gary all week…

“He’s been feeling neglected and doesn’t want this to have a negative impact on his performance on this week’s show.”

Last month, another show source claimed that X Factor bosses were similarly unimpressed with Gary’s plans for the tour, saying, “Gary is set to tour the UK from 13 November to 8 January and there is a worry that he won’t be able to give his acts the attention they need.

“It’s not exactly going to help relations between him and Simon.”

However, a spokesperson played down the ruckus saying, “We work with the judges’ teams to schedule around any commitments they have.”

Here’s what eliminated contestant Kye Sones had to say about Chris – as well as other finalists – when he left…

You can click here to see what Chris – and everyone else – will be singing tonight for Guilty Pleasures week.

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9 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Chris Maloney complained to show’s bosses about Gary Barlow’s absence saying he feels “neglected””

  1. stcy says:

    well if chris is complaining i think he has the right to do so,but chris don’t be disheartened just do what you can and i trust that you can make it.

  2. Barlowsbabe says:

    Diva! Barlow is hardly gonna stop his career for a nobody like him! Hris is boring, fake and think he is gods gift to music! So sorry Barlow has a life of his own!,,,,,

    • Anthony says:

      Yes Gary does have a life of his own, and a career – as a mentor on the X Factor! He’s double-booked himself for those few weeks, and now Chris is suffering as a result. Ridiculous!

  3. Tim says:

    So the karaoke king is not just a hate clown but becoming a lone ranger. Even his mentor is desserting him. I predict he will get fourth spot as the producers want to keep him to show tensions in the judging panel which makes for interesting viewing. This week will see rylan pack. Wants to be careful he dont get on the producers nerves as they may decide to boot him now. At the moment cm fans hes leading the public vote to get eliminated

  4. Max says:

    So all the contestants seem to hate Chris (apart from D3 who wouldn’t say anything mean about anyone) the audience seems to hate him as they boo him all the time, all the other judges don’t seem to like him. The producers hate him and have a go at him for always being late, now his own mentor (who I don’t really like) is expected to give up his career to tend to this Diva?

    Yet still we get silly people on here claiming the sun shines out his bottom. Sarah jane, stcy etc (probably the same person using different names)

    • stcy says:

      you have so much suspicion in life,but i assure you i kind of smiling to sara jane because she is so maloney fanatics.

  5. Ghee says:

    A big Lie! That’s a shit controversy! Last time Gary Barlow with his last Act Marcus didn’t complained being abandoned by his Mentor Gary. Even GB has a lot of other things to do like Concert Tour with TT, organized CIN, and 2 small concerts for the Royal Trust Fund. But he never ever abandone Marcus and Craig! This is a terrible misrepresentation against Gary Barlow!

  6. stcy says:

    i kind of thinking the same. but don’t smile yet because no matter what chris will be fine, gary may have left him alone but his supporters are still there holding unto him.

  7. stcy says:

    funny!!! if you liked car. that much why you did not produce more votes for her so that she did not have to go to bottom 2.you are crying over a spilled milk. wake up.