X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney says “I wish I could have enjoyed X Factor more”

X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney has revealed that the constant criticism from the show’s judges – as well as the vicious abuse he’s suffered online – has marred and tainted his time on the show.

As fans of the show may recall, judge Louis Walsh seemed to kick off the Chris bashing when he suggested that Chris was “a diva” and the media picked up on it. And of course, after Chris appeared so nervous during his first audition that he was physically quaking, many have said that he’d faking his nerves to win over the public.

And again, that accusation became more of an issue after Chris told the judges during his audition that he wasn’t used to singing in front of crowds, but it was then revealed that he’d been a cruise ship entertainer.

However, when I met with Chris recently, and we discussed the issue, I pointed out that singing in front of a couple of hundred people was rather different to singing before thousands…

And Chris agreed that it was, adding, “And to sing in front of your hero, like Gary Barlow, that was part of it.”

During an interview with The Sun – and after saying that the constant negativity that’s surrounded his time on the show has “put a damper on the whole experience” – Chris added, “I’ve not let it affect me [but] I wish I could have enjoyed it a lot more, you know.

“But I have enjoyed myself and it’s been everything and more that I could have wished for.

“The judges never picked me, I was picked by Gary as his wild card. The public chose me and have kept me in this competition from the beginning.

“The support and loyalty have been unbelievable.”

Adding that Gary was “the best mentor anyone could ask for” Chris explained, “He’s so hands-on, he does everything.

“We work together to plan the songs, he arranges the music. Anytime I need him for any help or advice, I’ve got his mobile number so I could just give him a call.”

As we reported yesterday, it’s been suggested that if Chris makes it to the final – which is of course next weekend – he’ll duet with Gary.

Do you think Chris has had an unduly rough ride on the show? I think he has! When all is said and done, he does have a great voice, and though his style may not be to everyone’s taste, he’s earned his place fair and square surely?

Here’s a reminder of Chris’s first audition…

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5 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney says “I wish I could have enjoyed X Factor more””

  1. Lisa Bailey says:

    All the judges apart from Gary! All need to be executed & hanged! For all the bullying they have caused. The all this lies and bad press is all down to Louis, Tulisa & Nicole they are the route cause of it all…all 3 should be FORCED to apologise live on air to Chris. And yes Chris has earnt his place fair & square. He is an amazing singer..and guess what im 25yrs old! So to all public out there..stop bullying..Surely you dont want your children to become BIG BULLIES

  2. Tahaweh says:

    You sound Lisa Bailey a bit of a bully yourself. Your statements of hanging and executing the judges sounds a bit neurotic and you now have a stance of stop bullying
    or else! There are certain facts about Christopher Maloney. Louis Walsh has critized many people in the past for being karoeke singers, but none of them have taken it so much out of proportion as Christopher Maloney. He is the one who has made the most out of this which then got many more people on to the hate lines. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Mine is that his voice is O.K. but does not stand out for the sort of people Xfactor is looking for. He might win, although I hope very much not, but he won’t have much of a career. He won’t even be a one hit wonder!

  3. Cathy Coughlin says:

    What there doing to Chris is terrible
    He is a very strong man for taking in all those nasty comments
    I never diss any of the contestants because there all there for a reason .
    So the hate needs to stop
    Well done Chris
    You keep going strong
    One true trooper u are

  4. Jim says:

    It does sound as though Lisa has been listening to a certain Top Gear presenter a bit too much, but I can understand her frustration at the gang of three’s sustained campaign against Gary/Chris. I think Chris’s career will be more like Daniel O’Donnell, who over the past 10 or 15 years has filled smaller venues, has a loyal following who queue for tickets and has an occasional ‘hit’ records.

  5. beckie gardner says:

    i think that chirs wasnt faking his nerves! i can tell if he was! and he didnt! would crying and skaking be fake? so he gets alot of hate and death threats. i think that those people sending him them are just wasting there time. its just pathetic! stop hating on him!!