X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney thinks he won over Ella Henderson because the public are still backing their wildcard!

Christopher Maloney was elated to make it through the X Factor results show last night.

The 34 year old has been blasted, berated and booed on a weekly basis by the judges, the audience and Twitter users, however once again he escaped being placed in the bottom two and performing in the singoff.

Ella Henderson and James Arthur went head to head on Sunday and after their save me songs, the show went to deadlock and Ella was sent home.

Chris feels bad for the talented teen but is ‘happy’ that his fans are still backing him.

He said:

“I am so happy to have got through and I do feel for Ella but she’s going to be big isn’t she? She’s going to be massive. She’s got a great career ahead of her.”

Last night’s bottom two was a shocker, as both singers had been favourites to make the final and even win the competition next month.

Chris doesn’t know why they were in danger while he survived and added:

“It’s the public vote, people are voting for people that they want to win. I am so grateful that I have loyal voters, it’s fantastic. I can’t thank them enough.”

He thinks he has stayed on the ITV show, while Ella was sent home because the public have been behind him since the start of his wildcard journey.

The Liverpudlian of course wasn’t chosen by the judges but was voted back into the series by viewers and he thinks that’s the reason he’s survived for so long.

He said:

“Ella is a great girl and she’s a fantastic singer but my fans have been with me throughout. The judges picked Ella, I was not picked by the judges, I was the wildcard. I was the wildcard by public choice and the public have stayed right behind me. I can’t thank them enough.”

Last night, Chris was booed as Dermot O’Leary revealed he was going through to next week but he has implored people to see things from his perspective, insisting that he really does deserve his place in the series.

The former call centre worker said:

“I have worked so hard to be here, I hope that I deserve a place in the competition. I am working my socks off and giving it a million percent every week.”

Why do you think Chris has avoided the bottom two so far and why do you think people are voting for the former cruise ship singer?

We want to hear your opinions in the comments section below…

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12 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney thinks he won over Ella Henderson because the public are still backing their wildcard!”

  1. Gav harrison says:

    its quite simple people are voting to keep the rubbish acts in,its not fixed in any shape or form ITV were rapped years ago for the phone scandel dont think they would risk another huge fine,jahmene to win

  2. Lysha says:

    The reason for Christopher still in is because he is a brilliant singer, people like easy listening and that’s what he gives us, not everybody wants to listen to rap or pop or whatever fad is being banded about these days, and as for poor Ella she was 16 going on 26 and her peers could not identify with her so they didnt’ vote. Remember, the result is revealed in no particular order so each week Chris could be getting more votes than anybody and Ella (or James) could have been in the bottom three each week…

  3. Jo says:

    I think that Chris appears to be a likable boy-next-door. It’s possible that older viewers are doing much of the voting – don’t go out on a Saturday night, can afford to vote a number of times – and they are charmed by the nan-believed-in-me-angle.

    The show has lost credibility as a start-maker. We spent pounds voting for the best singer, the show waited too long to release a second single, we forgot about the cap-wearing, decorator one, Alex, Leon – hits chosen for them did not cut it against David Guetta orgasm-for-ears-genius-pop. We are now voting for personalities. Rylan tries hard to give the audience something; Chris appears to sing his heart out to woo votes; Ella appears to stand there and sing, so subconciously, it is easy to tell ourselves she’ll get a record deal anyway.

    The show format has not evolved to keep our loyalty. We hate the contrived suspense before saying who’s going, the best-boobs rivalry between girl-judges and Simon’s patronising idea of what is a rags-to-riches story. We prefer the no-pressure niceness of Strictly, and although at the end, we switch channels to watch Xfactor, we vote against the show or rather its presumptions. We want the show to get egg on it’s smug face and we vote for who has integrity, not who sings best.

  4. Ellana S says:

    He is such a boring performer, he can sing but not in a way that is appealing, mesmerising or exciting.
    There is a reason that Gary didn’t choose him for his final 3, and it is being demonstrated on the XF stage every week.

    Even if he wins he will sink into oblivion, he is just not up to it.

  5. Tim says:

    We are running out of words to boot this cruise ship clowns butt

  6. stcy says:

    funny thing about these chris’ haters is they talk loud, and keep cursing christopher every time he is safe but never do anything to improve theie votes for their acts. christopher’s supporters haven’t cursed or pinpoint anyone to be eliminated they just keep voting and hoping that he will make it.he is just doing his best from the start,all his co-acts has been criticizing him but he never retaliated he absorbed it all and just keep on improving his singing.

  7. stcy says:

    and yes the very weak and talent less christopher maloney if eliminated will never get a record deal,would it not be a christian act if we leave him alone and win the x factor? and can we not just stop the hate and let him win? just consider it as a charity act afterwards we are christian.

  8. Ellie says:

    Fix-factor, that what the public are saying. Is that the same public that is voting? If so then it is Fix-Factor. Wonder what major story they will concoct before the weekend to try win back the public that are boycotting it.

  9. Barb says:

    Whilst I’m not overly keen on chris’s song choices the truth is karaoke or not he can hold notes and sing. All the furore over Ella going. Well sorry Tulisa but its karma. That’s wot happens when u BIG UP acts like rylan with an emphasis on entertainment as opposed to singing ability. Garry has always been spot on and could see this was going to happen. Union J to win if only to keep 1D on their toes

  10. stcy says:

    i would not rely on that fixed issue because if it is like that of all the contestants maloney should have been long gone by now.

  11. LoveandWar says:

    They did it on purpose to have people vote more in the future. It was a fix for that purpose.