X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney brings the cheese to ‘Hero’ and gets sunbed ban (VIDEO)

Christopher Maloney won himself the chance to perform on the X factor live shows earlier this evening.

The 34 year old singer was up against Times Red, Adam Burridge and Amy Mottram in the wildcard vote, where one previously eliminated contestant was awarded the chance to rejoin the competition.

Thanks mainly to Gary Barlow’s unwavering support and promotion, Chris proved the bookies right and sailed through tonight, taking the thirteenth spot on the ITV show.

Tonight, after promising Gary that he would contain his nerves, Chris performed Mariah Carey’s Hero for the audience and it was a pretty sweet and nice, if a little predictable, performance.

Maloney put a lot of emotion into the song and his vocals were pretty strong. However, we think his big selling point is going to be his likeability and personality in the competition.


LOUIS: It was heartfelt, you seem to have got a new colour, were you on a cruise ship recently.

NICOLE: Christopher who was that up there? I don’t recognise you. You’ve got rid of your nerves and you have a great big voice in you. Sometimes it was cheesy, a little bit cheesy. But it was uplifting and I know you meant every word.

TULISA: Confidence, I think you have an amazing voice that is undeniable. I have to agree with Nicole. The song choice was dated. Switch it up a bit.

GARY: Congratulations, welcome back. We couldn’t choose the songs for you this week. No more sunbeds thank you!

Did you enjoy Chris’ performance tonight? Leave your comments below….

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4 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney brings the cheese to ‘Hero’ and gets sunbed ban (VIDEO)”

  1. Mandy says:

    I really enjoyed his performance even though the song choice was very predictable but I really question his sincerity now. After all the talk of him having performed on cruise ships without suffering from nerves I can’t help but think we’ve been slightly duped into thinking Christopher is this nervous wreck after seeing a completely different person performing on our tv screen to millions of people.

  2. Tim Hyder says:

    I get what you’re saying; but in a cruise ship, it not so many people, this is how many fans live, it’s far more people. And if he hasn’t sung in years, then you’re bound to be nervous aint ya?

  3. Mandy says:

    And last week I thought the same think but now that he’s been voted through to the li e shows suddenly the nerves seem to have dissappeared. Maybe I’m cynical but surely if you suffer with your nerves as a performer then they wouldn’t suddenly disappear when you know you’re singing live in tv to millions of people. I don’t know many people who could have gonefrom a quivering wreck to a composed confident performer in such a short space of time

  4. Tim Hyder says:

    We dont know what goes on behind close doors, look at Ella, she said she was nervous, but it didn’t show. You can tell he was a bit nervous, when he came on to sing,but he did what he had to do and sing. When it was finish, he may been shaking afterwards. Look at many bands,who perform live, and I garantee (spelling) they were really nervous, during the show and before. He was nervous, every band/artists get nerves at a gig or live show