X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney’s first album will be a cross between Josh Groban and Russell Watson

Christopher Maloney has revealed what fans can expect from his debut album if he wins the X Factor next week.

The 34 year old will perform this Saturday in the series semi final and if he survives Sunday’s elimination, he will win one of three places in the grand finale on 8th and 9th December.

Tulisa Contostavlos has insisted that no one will buy his album if he does win and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson tweeted last week saying:

“Who is gonna buy Christopher’s record ? Nobody.”

However Gary Barlow thinks the pair have got it wrong and said:

‘If people are voting for him there is clearly people out there willing to spend money on a phone call, I’m sure there are people willing to spend money on albums.’

Maloney is hoping he’s right because he’s already planning his debut record and he told heat magazine that the style will be a cross between Josh Groban and Russell Watson. He explained:

“I think my album will be like a Josh Groban type of music.”

“I’d say a mix of Josh Groban and Russell Watson.”

“Gary will be involved, he’s so supportive and he’s said he’ll help me with it.”

Barlow is known for being very supportive of his contestants when they leave the show and last year he worked with Marcus Collins on a number of tracks from his debut album.

However, Gary has revealed that he may be moving out of the judging game next year if Simon Cowell expresses an interest in returning to the X Factor UK, so we’re not sure what that will mean for his friendship with his old proteges.

Meanwhile, after his difficult week and the constant online abuse, Chris had a lovely surprise when he got to the X Factor rehearsal studio yesterday. His nan travelled down from Liverpool to pay him a surprise visit and he tweeted:

“Ello guys, rehearsals went well,nan came up an surprised me today, great to see her. off to a secret gig in 5 minutes that I’m singing at xx”

Will you be buying Chris’ album? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…..

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5 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney’s first album will be a cross between Josh Groban and Russell Watson”

  1. Tahaweh says:

    Crikey no. This is typical ostrich in the sand mentality but I do think he is out of touch with reality really badly to think that he will win, have the album come out which Simon Cowell is fighting like mad, and take the charts by storm and then be a superstar because this is really what the idiot thinks!

  2. Steve says:

    Sure Chris will sell some records. I wouldn’t buy one, but that’s my choice. I wouldn’t buy a Union J or Jahmene record either. They just don’t appeal to me even though all of them, including Chris, are good singers. I think a lot of the backlash against Chris is due to an originality problem. He doesn’t alter the arrangements of his songs nearly enough to show us much artistic originality. James, on the other hand, has done some really clever twists on songs that allow us to see and hear his originality every week. Chris hasn’t done that once IMHO and the criticism begins and ends there. If he ends up making an original album after this show is over I will be very surprised.

  3. oli says:

    OMG if Chris wins x factor it will be embarassment for the show. I cant stand the bloke and would never want to listen to his music, cheesy as f@%k. James to win!

  4. Maureen says:

    In all fairness here 3 of the judging panel I find to be totally unreal. There commentary should have been on the vocals not the crappy staging .

    Whether Christopher is a winner who really knows.

    I do think however that sometimes you don’t have to be a winner to do better than the winner.

    As a classically trained singer, singing teacher and music industry mentor: my own view of Christopher is that he could do with about five years of serious music training to realise the true potential in his voice.

    The problem is will he have the patience and dedication to drop back from what the show wants and pushes on its wanabes to do this?

    The other curious factor is that the likes of Josh Grohban and Russell Watson have been singing from at least the age of 9 or 10 and will have had to dedicate several years of their lives to training the voice. Josh was still in training when he was noticed by the David Foster Studio and Russell took up training after a lucky break from working on the club scene in Lanchashire, which led him to a Hollywood music score solo for “Captain Correlli’s Mandolin”.

    The x factor this year is nowhere near as good as past shows and I think the main reason for this is, trying to make it to big on production, flashy lights, effects, strobe, fireworks, dancers, etc. In addition to this are the big sound tracks that block out the voice. The lesser spotted musician becoming even rarer in this show.

    Its time for a rest for a year or two and then a return to basics. Small theatres, intimate studios, and of course time for proper singing teachers to have an input and also for qualified music industry mentors from the world of education.