X Factor 2012: Fans want Dannii Minogue back!

Since Kelly Rowland announced yesterday that she wouldn’t be returning to The X Factor, the rumour mill has been going into overdrive about who may be replacing her on the ITV show.

There is always the option that show bosses will go back to the old three judge format of course, but that seems unlikely and for now, the front runner for Kelly’s job seems to be former panelist Dannii Minogue.

The mum of one judged on the ITV show from 2007 – 2011, but stepped down last year after constant rescheduling of the judges auditions, meant that her X factor dates clashed with her filming commitments on Australia’s Got Talent.

However, it has been claimed that show boss Simon Cowell is keen to have the fan favourite back on board and leading up the panel, along with Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos.

Fans seem supportive of Dannii’s return and commenting yesterday on Unreality TV, a viewer named Gav wrote:

“I said weeks ago Kelly wasn’t coming back and that was from someone in production,glad she’s gone she wasn’t a very good judge at all,I’d be happy with Dannii or Sharon back.”

Another named Aaron tweeted:

“Dannii Minogue might return to X Factor!? Don’t think I’ve been so happy in ages!!! :D”

And a Twitter user named Steph wrote:

“It’s nice to know that Kelly Rowland wont be on X Factor anymore. Get Dannii Minogue back on!”

Would you support Dannii’s return to the ITV show? Leave your comments below…

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13 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Fans want Dannii Minogue back!”

  1. Clare Campbell says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites, I bet these are all the same ‘fans’ that wanted to get rid of dannii on the judging panel a few years back and now all of a sudden she is the best judge ever and want her back, i bet the real reason they want her back is to see if there is anymore gossip about her and simon. ps: i also think unreality viewers are being quiet cruel about kelly and how she wasnt a very good judge. She was fantastic. Cant believe nasty things are still being said. She is gone now and yous have got what you wanted a perfectly good judge has left of her own accord, not sacked probably because of all the bad headlines she received of the british press. If i was her i would never want to set foot on british soil again and i wouldnt blame her. Personally i hope the rumours are true and she has been offered a seat on the US judging panel.

  2. Gav harrison says:

    Claire people are entitled to there own opinion of Kelly Rowland,you love her we get that you say so on every article that’s posted about her,but find it your business to have ago at anyone who dares to write a negative comment about her,well this is a site for people to express there views weather you agree with the or not,and the fact is she was NOT a good judge is backed up by 1. the ratings last year very poor 2. she spent more time promoting herself and her album rather than with her acts and 3. Simon knew she was the weakest link on the panel,also she didnt return this year because she could not fully commit which was the problem last year,so she aint going to be on the USA version they want bigger stars and danni is a bigger draw for the UK version because she actually cared about her acts unlike Kelly.

    • Clare Campbell says:

      You cant blame the falling ratings on kelly. There were a number of factors contributing to it. 2. She spent the most time with her acts, rehearsing sometimes until 1 in the morning. She took her role seriously because she wanted her acts to be the best they could be. She wasnt the weakest link on the panel. Simon and the producers were very happy with kelly last year. Simon was so happy with her that she was offered a position on the US version which i think she would be brilliant at and is still one of the frontrunners for the job. Kelly is a big star over there. So i think she will fit in perfectly. She cared and still cares about her acts and still keeps in constant contact with them to see how there doing. ps: you are pinning your hopes on dannii coming back, if she does decides to return, who is to say the ratings are going to be any better than when kelly was there. Thats my opinion and entitled to think what i want, just like you are.

      • Gav Harrison says:

        I have a friend who works in production on the show and stated she never gave her acts nearly as much time as the others she was there to promote herself,she has been the worst judge on the show easily,and Simon offered Brittany spears a role on the USA show nothing has even been mentioned about Kelly,but the reality is she’s gone and will become a distant memory.

      • clare campbell says:

        In your dreams, she will come back, bigger and better than ever, then people will realise it was a big mistake forcing her to quit. As for her being a judge on the US version, apparently her name has been the mix for a while.I hope its true because she would bring her vast knowledge of the music industry. It will be the uk’s loss.

    • Gav Harrison says:

      You just keep telling yourself that,she will NOT be on the USA show she’s done her music has never been that good anyway flopped in the uk charts distant memorie guaranteed

      • clare campbell says:

        Whatever you say. Her last single reached number 6 in the uk charts so get your facts right before saying she is a flop. My goodness are you psychic now. Do you know for a fact that she wont be on the US Judging panel. It was on tv this morning that she is being seriously considered as a judge there.

      • Gav Harrison says:

        I low she got to number 6 but was it number 1 no hence considered a flop and what was her follow up single eh? Brittany spears is a head of her and she said the reason she wasn’t coming back because of music commitments so why on earth would she be considered for the USA show?sorry but no,,Rowland offers nothing as a judge and many others agree

      • clare campbell says:

        She offers a vast amount of experience to the music industry which more than qualifies her to be a judge and give constructive criticism to contestants. She didnt say she had musical commitments, she said she had ‘global commitments’. Who are the many that agree with you. From what i see on this forum and others there are many people who would disagree with your view. As for britney being a judge on x factor US. I heard that producers are worried that she could have another meltdown on tv. They are in two minds whether she could handle the pressure. I know who would be the safer option then, but it would be an interesting combination of judges, britney and kelly.

      • Gav Harrison says:

        Well considering that there are dozens and dozens of sights that report on reality and music programmes with people airing there views that’s what I’m basing what I’ve read on,you love Kelly Rowland but people have the right to dislike her without you commenting on there posts trying to tell them other wise you may well remember that.

  3. Zach says:

    I hope these rumours are true. I loved Dannii on X Factor. My favourite judge ever. Like her laid back approach and her honesty.

    IMHO last year’s X Factor was the worst since I started watching it in 2007. This was mainly down to the judges. Glad Kelly has gone (too American). She did not add anything to the line-up. Shame Gary BORING Barlow is back and the N-Dubz girl. Sadly I did not like either. I also dislike the themed nights.

    I guess in August we will all find out who and what happens.

    • Clare Campbell says:

      I like dannii too, but who is to say that the show will do any better with her back in it. The only thing that i agree with you in this article that is they shouldnt have brought tulisa back. God knows why or louis for that matter. They brought nothing to the panel, at least kelly judged the contestants on there singing ability and how to improve there singing every week. Its called constructive criticism, i dont know if youve heard of that. ps: i hope kelly gets the job on the US version and show those judges on the british panel how its done

  4. Ciaran says:

    Yes Dannii was brilliant, but I worry, in 2010, she was voted favourite judge, she won the series and was the only judge liked by the general public at large. Being on such a high pinacle, the only way is down.

    rumours about sharon returning are false, as cowell wants to sack her completely after her personal comments towards him. dannii was always popular (except in her first series when i was one of few who liked her) I’d love dannii to come back, but she has a lot to lose and not much to gain by returning.