X Factor 2012 Final: It all kicks off between Christopher Maloney & Carolynne Poole – Twitter War!

OMG, as if there wasn’t enough drama on the X Factor stage tonight it has all been kicking off behind the scenes too it seems.

Unreality TV confirmed earlier today that Christopher Maloney would not be on the final tonight, after a row erupted between him and producers and we later reported that some sources were saying he also behaved abusively towards fellow contestant Carolynne Poole.

It was claimed that the Liverpudlian singer called the country singer a ‘c*nt’ before storming out of Manchester Central Arena and refusing to perform on the show.

He did return with this tail between his legs later in the evening, hoping to rejoin the singers for their group performance but as the song was already underway was told he couldn’t take to the stage. Insiders say that Chris then stormed off for the second time in one day.

This evening he has addressed the rumours himself on Twitter and his first line of attack was against Carolynne.

Chris tweeted:

“@CarolynnePoole you’ll do anything to get a headline! disgraceful! week one! bitter.”

The thing is, from what we can see, the only comment Carolynne made about any incidents in rehearsals is that  “X Factor can also create monsters it would seem!” on Twitter earlier today. She didn’t elaborate on this, and she certainly didn’t name Christopher, so for him to suggest that Carolynne is trying to get publicity for herself seems very strange.

She did reply to his message later in the evening saying:

“I’ll think you’ll find x factor released that hun… @ChrisMaloney77 Hope u get well soon! Xxx”

“Sour grapes anyone??”

He then attacked the press team and staff on the show tweeting:

“@TheXFactor @xfactorpress @GBarlowOfficial can’t believe all the bull yet again! this is a witch hunt for defo. the show is over xx”

“yes I am being bullied! big time. there u go xx witch hunt xx”

Maloney addressed his fans last of all thanking them for their support and writing:

“thank u all so much for ur love help and support. thinking everyone wants a final dig. disgusting xx love u na nite xx”

He also tried to claim that he only missed the show because of a bad throat and tweeted:

“sorry I had a sore throat an doctor signed me off. good luck x”

He didn’t seem to have a sore throat when he was singing karaoke with Mancunian drag queens earlier in the week though. Many Twitter users commented that it seemed odd that Christopher needed to be “signed off” by a doctor – is it normal to need a sick note for The X Factor?

We don’t know what to make of all this and even if Chris is being bullied, we have to wonder why he would attack Carolynne so publicly. He has already been branded a diva and this hasn’t helped his case any at all!

Twitter users sent a torrent of angry messages to Maloney after seeing his tweet to Carolynne, calling him out for complaining about being bullied and then using the social media site to bully another contestant. From the level of outrage toward Maloney, it would seem many X Factor fans feel this bitter attack on Poole is confirmation of all the reports of his diva-like behaviour.

What do you think? Leave your comments below…

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23 Responses to “X Factor 2012 Final: It all kicks off between Christopher Maloney & Carolynne Poole – Twitter War!”

  1. Wendy says:

    If this is true then it’s awful

  2. Gabrielle Evans says:

    fake like i always said he was

  3. Max says:

    At least Roger, Ghee, and Sarah Jane can see what a truly disgusting individual he is!

    Why attack Carolynne? Also what shocked me more

    Why include Gary in his list of supposed bullies? Gary did nothing but try and cover Chris’s sorry arse.

    • Roger says:

      Christopher has suffered bullying and humiliation the whole serie, yet he never said a word or raised his voice against anyone – Did he??? NO!

      Now, we have only one side of the story (typical) and he´s named as a murderer or sth worse. If he insulted anyone by any reason HE´S RIGHT. I would have lost my patient long time ago, not only now.

      And he didn´t put Gary in the list to accuse him of anything, but just to follow what´s happening. At least that was what I understood.

      But enough is enough. I watched this show for the first and last time. I thought it was about finding someone talented but I´ve seen that it´s all about finding someone “marketable”, to make Simon richer and richer and people dumber and dumber. Now, the real talent is put aside because British people were easily brainwashed by the media. I thought this country had some education and could see things between the lines but I was wrong.

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      No Max, at least we see him for the kind, sweet, honest & honest guy he is! Not what the media & x factor production team’s witchhunt is portraying him as! Lol this show really does resemble a pantomine in the making & it looks like Chris has been made out to be the big evil vile villain. No wonder a petition has been made protesting what this contestant has been through & I for one have SIGNED it so Max, put all down your throat & CHOKE ON IT OK? Bye bye now you as*hat & biased, short sighted prick.

  4. Mandy says:

    Showing his true colours now! Wonder if he will still be on the tour?

    I have to say I’m always cynical about sources in these articles but your sources were spot on about the voting stats so I’m looking at this article in a completely different light.

  5. X factor says:

    Haha Christoper Bore-loney.
    An afterthought. I didn’t think all the rumours about him were true but low and behold as soon as he’s booted off the show he shows his true colours

  6. Lisa Burton says:

    Vile word to use on a woman drunk or not.
    Whats inside sober comes out when drunk, and this applies to Maloney. He needs therapy and quick – he’s so deluded he actually ‘celebrated’ his being declared the winner before the votes!!
    And whilst the OAP’s who voted for him face a freezing winter he sups champagne – ungrateful sod.

  7. James22 says:

    what an absolute disgrace this Maloney is. Carolynne just rise above it. you’re a star and destined for great things, you’re a million times more talented than that horrible cheesy cruise ship singer

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      HAHAHAHAHA, that’s why she was eliminated week one? Because she’s a megastar & a fantastic, amazing vocalist compared to Chris the “cruise ship” singer who came 3rd in the grand finals? Pfffffft. Some people are so blind to reality it’s unbelievable & YOU’RE one of them. All the Chris haters especially those who are staff in the x factor & media are all obviously so mad, disgusted & bunch of ungraceful LOSERS that you’ve had to manufacture another “argument scenario” to stop Chris getting a place on the tour & because he’s already had a few offers, you obviously don’t want him as part of the celeb world & that’s wrong if the public are the ones who paid millions of pounds to give him that opportunity in the first place. :(

  8. James22 says:

    carolynne you’re way more talented than this idiot. rise above it, you’re destined for great things

  9. julia buckley says:

    I am a scouser and cant stand chris maloney he is so fake. I cant believe he got the most votes over the first 8 weeks

  10. sharon says:

    Chris has been victim of school yard bullies from start to finish,what he has had to suffer would push even the most hard skinned over the edge.Thank god ha! ha! Jahmene didn’t win,

    • JJ says:

      Oh get back in the kitchen! Bullying?! What he’s had to go through is a light shade on what the music industry is like! Some people can’t take it and he’s one of them.

      • Sarah-Jane says:

        I bet you’ve never had to deal with the slightest bit of bullying & put downs in your whole life JJ!!

  11. Tahaweh says:

    Roger and Sharon: You are both terrible readers of
    human frailities, and Maloney has them in bucket loads.
    He showed his true colours last night, and yet you both
    still defend him!! I feel sorry for you both that you
    can both be so hoodwinked.

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      We can’t believe people like you, JJ & Max have been so hoodwinked into falling for this story conveniently just a couple of days after Chris has started been offered a few contracts & every other story or malicious, vile rumour been cooked up to sway the public. It’s people like you in Britain which is what wrong with the british voting system, most british people are simply far too gullible to the controversy & fairy tale stories manufacturered by the media & X Factor staff team! :D

  12. Rudolph says:

    I wonder why he was the only who received death threats… Maybe he’s a really nice guy… #not

  13. Noreen says:

    Christopher is a cabaret singer at best and is a bitter old queen. I can’t believe he made it so far in the competition!! Horrible horrible man and I really hope he just fades away into oblivion.

  14. sharon says:

    If Cowell doesn’t want this catergory(overs)to win then why put it in,perhaps the voting should go the same way,only votes from over 25′s will be counted.It’s certainly,in my opinion,and I’m entitled to that,the poorest x factor to date.

  15. SJ says:

    Carolynne went into this comp with plastic surgery in order to add more *** appeal to her face because she thought it would get her further in the competition. Well it looks like all of that has exploded in her face as well. Hahahaaha :) She’s one of the most unattractive women I have had the misfortune of having to watch on x factor & she really looks like a crossdresser in the pic featured with Gary Barlow, I feel for him having to put his hand on her back. In fact he looks a tad uncomfortable & like he’s reluctantly doing so! I can see why ahahaha.

  16. Ghee says:

    Gary Barlow said…Chris Maloney is just forced out of this Show! Bcoz Louis and Simon don’t want Chris to be around. I think, that all those who are booked to join the Xfactor Concert Tour, are trained to tell something bad against Maloney, like Carolynne Pool. Can’t blame them, they’re just Simon’s puppets!