X Factor 2012 Final: Jahmene Douglas & Nicole Scherzinger have a microphone fail on ‘Greatest Love Of All’ (VIDEO)

Jahmene Douglas’ dreams came true this evening when he got to perform with his gorgeous mentor.

The X Factor contestant has made it as far as the final and had to pull out all the stops this evening, as he went head to head with James Arthur and Christopher Maloney on the penultimate show of the series.

He revealed last week that he would be performing with Nicole Scherzinger as his big duet of the night and while he was nervous, he was also chomping at the bit to take to the stage with the accomplished vocalist.

However, before they sang together we got to watch a very touching video of Nic and Jahmene having a little love in, where he praised her amazing skills as a friend and she called him a ‘lambchop’ repeatedly.

For their song, the pair chose ‘Greatest Love Of All’ by Whitney Houston and Douglas led the way with the first few lines.

They sang, they harmonised and while there were a few duff notes for sure and a bit of flatness in points, the connection and the emotion flowing between these two was so sweet that they were overlookable.

The endings, the big notes and the blend of their voices during the last few phrases was pretty phenomenal and we enjoyed it no end.

There was an issue with mics though and Nicole looked furious at the end, because for parts of the tune they had to share a microphone.

We thought it added to the performance though and we loved Only Boys Aloud as backing singers!

Did you enjoy Nicole and Jahmene’s performance tonight? Leave your comments below…

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