X factor 2012 final: Where were MK1? We know!

We have been inundated with tweets and emails tonight, with X Factor fans asking why MK1 weren’t at the X Factor final.

The other former contestants returned to the ITV show to perform on the special show, which went out from Manchester Central Arena a few hours ago.

They gave one last group performance in which Rylan Clark sang a snippet of Gangnam Style, Lucy Spraggan sang ‘Titanium’ and the group joined at the end on ‘Read All About It.’

The hopefuls were all there except for one act…MK1.

We did a bit of digging (ie we checked their official website) and it turns out that Charlie and Sim were otherwise engaged this evening.

Either they didn’t want to return or their management wouldn’t allow it, because this evening while their pals were performing for 10,000 people in Manchester, they were singing for a slightly smaller crowd at a hotel in St Helier, Jersey.

Were you sad when they didn’t show up? Leave your comments below…

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15 Responses to “X factor 2012 final: Where were MK1? We know!”

  1. evz says:

    it was annoying they werent there….surely tht lil gig cudve waited

  2. XFF says:

    I didn’t even notice to be honest.

  3. claire says:

    My daughter was very upset they weren’t there, they’re her favourite act, i really hope they are doing the x factor tour as i’ve bought tickets and my daughter only really wanted to see them.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Your daughter will be disappointed I’m afraid. Only the 3 finalists plus the 2 boy bands, Rylan and Ella Henderson are doing the tour.

  5. JimBob says:

    The bands don’t get to choose to be on the tour, X Factor decide… And they didn’t pick MK1 :-(

  6. 123 says:

    x factor is shit

  7. Jahmene says:

    I am disgraced.iwas literally crying when mk1 went out and now that they werent here. it is bullshit

  8. loopy says:

    MK1 who????

  9. Serpico says:

    No because they were shit! And probably thought by singing at a little hotel they were bigger than what they are!!


    Oh yh, I missed them, straight away realised that they were nt there! Made me upset, they were my fave:-(

  11. rachel says:

    they are on tour atm so they couldnt be there last night on the final. if you go to their twitter @charlie_mk1 and @simeon_mk1 they both posted messages appologising for not being there and that they love all the fans who are supporting them.

  12. Pete N says:

    The were not there because they are Rappers ( Rap ‘music’ being a way for talenless people to get into the music business) and, as X factor is a singing contest (Tulisa said so herself) people that only talk along to music in a silly voice are not welcome.