X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow insists Christopher Maloney can win!

Gary Barlow has insisted that Christopher Maloney can win the X Factor.

The X Factor judge has been mentoring the 34 year old hopeful ever since the public voted him back onto the show as a wildcard act in October.

He may have been Barlow’s last choice but he’s turned out to be the last man standing, after Gary’s original acts Carolynne Poole, Melanie Masson and Kye Sones were eliminated early on.

It’s been claimed that the Liverpudlian is topping the public vote each weekend and on The Xtra Factor a caller asked Gaz if the fact that he has never been in the bottom two before, means that Chris is set to win the show next month.

The Take That star replied:

“Listen, you are right he hasn’t [been in the singoff] of course, so I think all of us would say we see our acts as winners.”

The dad of three added:

“There is no reason at all why Christopher can’t win this competition. He has got a great voice, it’s as simple as that with Christopher.”

If only Simon Cowell agreed! It’s been reported that the music mogul is doing all in his power to stop Chris taking the title on the 9th of December and certainly many of his minions are trying to whip up public support for other acts.

Little Mix have been publicly backing James Arthur, as have most of One Direction. Niall Horan has been getting behind Union J too and Sharon Osbourne was tweeting the guys good luck on Sunday night.

In contrast 1D’s Louis Tomlinson has been repeatedly slating Chris on Twitter, calling the former cruise ship singer ‘nasty’ and asking his six millions followers ‘who would buy his records?’.

Maloney is ignoring the hate and getting on with the job in hand and he’s back in rehearsals, perfecting his song’s for this Saturday’s semi final.

He tweeted this morning saying:

“Good morning guys! Just getting ready to go to rehearsals, can’t wait. I am going to dedicate one of my songs to you all on saturday. xx”

Chris added:

“Really putting in the extra work this week as need to be great for you on Saturday xx”

What do you think X Factor fans? Can Christopher Maloney win? Are you backing him? Leave your comments below…

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16 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow insists Christopher Maloney can win!”

  1. Dawn says:

    Chris is a lovely man and a really good singer. He deserves his place in the semi, never having been in the bottom 2 and topping the votes by miles. I really want to see him win and couldn’t care less what Simon or the haters think. It’s been disgusting the way Chris has been treated – thank God he has such a large fan base now who will support him all the way. Well done Gary for all the support you’ve given Chris, you’re the only credible judge this year. Good luck Chris, you’re the people’s champion and you WILL win xxx

  2. kaz harper says:

    chris will win it by a clear mile, he has real fans who actually pick up the phone and vote, week in week out. and we are so proud of him for staying so strong and focused with everything thats been thrown at him.

  3. Gav Harrison says:

    Jahmene will win real talent,Chris will struggle in the charts in a youth orientated industry,he is an average singer,he’s not a worldwide recording artist he’ll fade away within a year

  4. dave says:

    I just dont know any more what is real and what is not!!!!!Kye Sones shouldn’t have gone out he’s

  5. dave says:

    I just dont know any more what is real and what is not!!!!!Kye Sones shouldn’t have gone out nor Ella they are both recording artists!! Hopefully someone out there with some recoding sense will nab them quick!!!

  6. marie young says:

    I think Chris has a amazing voice and he has put up with a lot of crap over the last couple of weeks. He deserve to be there as with the other contestants.I think he is amazing and a lovely person and at least his true fans and family love him for what he is a amazing person.

  7. Catherine says:

    well done Chris!!! you are the Nation Hero for 2012 we need some one like you that shines out of the dark and we see a “Winning Star*****!!! your are Amizing “just the way Your Are”!!!

  8. Tahaweh says:

    I can’t believe all your people who are supporting Christopher Maloney with your comments of what a really nice man he is, what a lovely person he is. How on earth do you know that? He has done nothing to show these qualities. In fact he has distanced himself from the other contestants and who knows maybe this girl is speaking the truth in that the people he worked with, did’nt like or trust him at all, yet you all have decided that the sun shines out of his **** and he is a perfect being. Personally I think you are all wrong and and he is justvery ordinary and not very nice with it. I think many people just want to see Simon Cowell squirm but this oh what a nice person he is is so rubbish!!

    • Lynsey says:

      To be fair Tahaweh you don’t really have a clue what the truth is about him either. Just because “he hasn’t shown these qualities” doesn’t mean he doesn’t possess them. We only see and hear so much in the media and not all of it is “for real”. You’re entitled to dislike him – who knows, you might well be proved right about him, but it still doesn’t make you entitled to put down those who do like him.

  9. Jim says:

    I think you have to be careful of rubbishing other people’s views and making extreme statements. It just makes people disregard your own valid views, or make similarly extreme comments in return. As someone said in an earlier thread, Chris got a standing ovation in his audition so he has some talent. He appeared genuinely very nervous at the start and this could have made him not interact with the younger contestants. If you think it was just playing for sympathy, well all the other contestants trot out a sob story every week! I think that people forget that Gary has a massive Take That following and they may be voting because they are upset at the unjust treatment he and his act have been getting.

  10. Ghee says:

    If Chris wins, we all knew that 2nd placer or the 3rd placer are the lucky one who get real support from Mr. Cowell! So, it is just only a good consolation prize for Chris Maloney! Yoh, people…can you treat him good, even for a single time!?!

  11. Jim says:

    You’re right Ghee, Simon will just support whoever he wants, while laughing all the way to the bank with the extra revenue from votes that all this feeling has generated.

  12. stcy says:

    since it was reportedly that chris has been topping the votes he also received so many unjust,bias and insulting judgements fr. the judges and haters, yet in spite of all these we have not heard him slashing back, he had been badmouthed by his co contestants and yet he remained calm and did not say any bad words to insult them. frankly speaking through out the show we have not yet see him acting arrogantly,or any signs of misbehavior,if you will just open your heart for just a moment and try to be open minded while watching him on the stage you can see and answer for your self what his fans have seen to him to stay still and support him,christopher have shown us a perfect example of self control, to remain calm and focus in attaining your goal in spite of so many challenges and obstacle.
    in simple ways he gave his fans the feeling of satisfaction by showing them how proud and thankful he is to them. he is just a simple, gentle guy with courage in pursuing his dreams.

  13. Ginga says:

    I object to any bullying! Some of the judges and you know who they are started the trend on screen. Media followed suit and here we have an out of proportion defamation. I don’t know Christopher personally but I haven’t really heard him saying anything vile so far.
    He works hard and he competes each week. He receives support well done Liverpool!
    I am amazed at the nastiness expressed the past few weeks.
    Our role as audience is enjoy the show… getting personal and assuming “horrors” is really infantile.

    A note to Tulisa …please grow up and learn …better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Judge instead.

  14. Martin says:

    This rumoring of his being less than friendly with his fellow contestants reminds me a bit of what happened with Misha B. Smells a little like a conspiracy of sorts. The show’s powers that be prefer other artists to make the finals so they create some sort of behind the scenes drama to present a particular contestant in a poor light to garner votes for their preferred contestants.

    I was surprised and very disappointed when Kye was eliminated; especially as it meant that Rylan would be staying. Kye is the one male contestant who’s music I would actually buy. Hope he gets a record deal.

    Then I was shocked when Ella was elimiated. I predicted her as the winner for sure. She will undoubtedly get a deal and it is my hope that she is more successful than the winner. Success is the best revenge.

  15. kaz harper says:

    if that was true ella still be in it right