X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow’s pregnant wife is unhappy as he agrees to return for another series

Gary Barlow has reportedly told Simon Cowell that he would be happy to return for the 2012 series of The X Factor, but his decision is said to have caused problems at home.

The Take That star i said to have committed to a further series of the ITV reality TV show, however later this summer, when he will be due to film the final bootcamp and judges houses phase, his wife Dawn will be heavily pregnant and about to give birth to the couple’s fourth child.

In August 2012 Gary was in LA with Robbie Williams, choosing his final four contestants for the live shows. This year he will have to stay closer to home, as his wife will be due to go into labour at any time.

A source told The Sun that Simon Cowell was elated to land Gary for a second series, and explained that producers were also relieved that they had secured the Take That star.

They said:

“Everyone was delighted Gary agreed to come back for another series of X Factor. There’s no ink on the contract, but he’s good for his word.

“He was being a bit sheepish about his decision though because the diary has kicked up some problems.”

The insider added:

“Gary has promised he’ll be present for the birth, but Simon Cowell is a tough task master. It could be very tricky.”

Alexandra Burke claimed yesterday that Cowell was planning to axe all four of last year’s judges and start the show off on a new foot, after last year’s ratings problems.

However, it seems unlikely that this is the case, as the TV boss recently comments that he was planning to have Gary, Tulisa, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh back for 2012 if he could manage it.

Do you think Gary should return? Leave your comments below.

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow’s pregnant wife is unhappy as he agrees to return for another series”

  1. Norma Metcalfe says:

    Gary all the way! He made the show better than ever last year. Itv couldn’t wait to have him back! I don’t believe the part about Dawn not being happy though nor that there would be any problem in Gary being there for the birth of their forth child! That will all be clear in the contract before & if Gary signs it! I really hope he does!

    • Jem says:

      Gary is a terrible judge, he has the charisma of a plank of wood and was responsible for putting Frankie Cocozza through to the live shows!!!

  2. stanitt says:

    Gary Barlow MUST return,if he doesn’t i am not watching the x factor.He was the best thing that happened to that show and the only real musician so he should come back.and also he is soooooo hot

  3. Mel G. says:

    yep, i’d be furious too if i were his pregnant wife. that and for the fact that Gary wasn’t such a great judge on the show.

  4. Rhiannon H says:

    The ratings on the X-Factor show went up quite a lot when we got new judges like Kelly Louis Gary Barlow and Tulisa.I think he should join it again for another series but if he’s wife is pregnant maybe they should of waited to have another child

  5. Jake L says:

    I think that he should of waited to bang her and get her pregnant if he wanted to go on the X Factor again

  6. sarah ashby says:

    yes yes yes he must come back i don`t know about x factor more like sex factor there`s only one gary barlow one gary barlow he be ok as long as everybody leaves him alone and i MEAN EVERYBODY.