X Factor 2012: Jahmene Douglas brings the talent to ITV with ‘At Last’ (VIDEO)

One of the shining stars on tonight’s X Factor episode was definitely Asda worker Jahmene Douglas.

The 21 year old is a supermarket pricing assistant and turned up to try out for the ITV show looking incredibly nervous and overwhelmed.

He was a self confessed ‘stay at home kind of guy’ and told backstage staff that her doesn’t mingle very well, constantly worries and has a tendency to over think things.

He said:

‘I’m alright, I’m going to break down and cry.’

We hate to think about how he’s going to cope with all the press attention that comes with being featured on a show as big as The X Factor!

After checking his appearance, smoothing his hair and generally panicking about everything, the singing hopeful finally took to the stage and sang ‘At Last’ for the panel.

It was a jaw dropping moment and what the X factor does incredibly well. Take an unassuming guy and then show us how wrong we are when we predictably judge a book by it’s cover.

Jahmene had an amazing and soulful voice and conquered the difficult and much covered song with ease, managing to totally make it his own.

As he crooned, Nicole Scherzinger showed Gary Barlow her goosebumps, as the other judges watched on in amazement.

Afterwards, Louis Walsh praised his performance, adding:

“This is what we’re looking for. I think a star is born!”

Tulisa Contostavlos was a fan too and gushed about Douglas’ ‘raw talent’ the ‘shock factor’ he brought to the stage and the way he broke out of his ‘timid’ nature while showcasing his vocal talent.

Nicole loved it to and praised Jahmene’s ‘amazing’ vocals, adding:

‘We need more singers like you, real singers. I just want to take you and just eat you up honey.’

Gary Barlow insisted:

“I have never seen a vocal performance like that before, it was truly off the scale.”

He continued:

“You completely nailed it today. That is how to do an audition.”

Unsurprisingly Jahmene got 4 yeses and a place in bootcamp.

Do you think Jahmene was all that/ Do you think he is good enough for the live shows? Leave your comments below….

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29 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Jahmene Douglas brings the talent to ITV with ‘At Last’ (VIDEO)”

  1. emma says:

    absolutely fantastic :D !!

  2. Autumn says:


  3. Ann says:

    Now that’s wot I call a singer and a song, fantastic boy great looks a super star in the making, can’t wait for his first album. X

  4. Moizy says:

    Best performance of the night, brilliant

  5. Jack Cane says:

    Absolutely incredible, just pure brilliance, what an unbelievable voice, best audition i have ever seen on any these so called talent programs, wether he wins or not (i know how set up these things can be) this kid deserves to be massive

  6. Angie Elliott says:

    Superb talent. I want to hear his first album NOW!

  7. Kath Patrick says:

    I don’t normally watch X Factor and was switching channels when I heard this young man’s voice, WOW it was awesome. He is definitely going to go far on that one performance, what an incredible voice, well done J :)

  8. Gill says:

    This guy completely blew me away with his vocals and unassuming personality! Stunning and I hope he goes on to win – I would love to hear more,

  9. Mike says:

    Just imagine what he will be like when his confidence soars….. wonderful…!!!!

  10. hazel walker says:

    Please please please would u come & sing that at my daughters wedding she is getting married on 8-5-2014, she has been with boyfriend for 10 years by then, she has just been in hospital & that is the song she wants for her 1st dance, please would u do this for her xxx

  11. Peter says:

    When this obviously very nervous young man came on stage, I first thought his nerves were going to freeze him. Then he sang…


    I don’t think he’ll be working at the supermarket for much longer.

  12. natalie ferran says:

    he is well awesommmme , got to say defo winnerrrrr

  13. Clairh says:

    If he does go bac to the supermarket, the manager should ask him to sing over the tannoy! he would more than increase the number of customers! good luck your going all the way!!!

  14. Clairh says:


  15. Sammy says:

    bloody fantastic Jahmene…you are a star, love ya! I got goose bumps. I will keep an eye out for you on you tube as watching in New Zealand.

  16. Dave says:

    One trick pony

    • Wendy says:

      Wow and you can tell that from just one song ?

      Back to reality .. I think he has an excellent voice and look forward to hearing him sing on the live shows :)

    • GoodFriend says:

      OH Dave how wrong you are.. I’ve heard a range of songs from Jam.. including an upbeat one.

  17. Bobby Mac says:


  18. Bobby Mac says:

    Dave^, i cant wait til he proves you wrong ;-)

  19. Kerry says:

    Wow wow what an amazing outstanding voice, you send shivers down my spine, will be looking out for you when I come and do my shopping, massive fan from royal wootton Bassett.

  20. Gerry says:

    Wow! An incredible voice, lovely young man and gorgeous to look at as well. He’s mum must be so proud. I wish them both the very best. I will certainly buy he’s CD.

  21. jonh says:

    what can one say..someone come along,unasumeing ,who in someway you might brush off as uninteresting .they pick up a mike and they start to sing ,from that moment till they lay down the mike, you are reeled in ,from that moment you want to hear and know more about them ..thats how i felt on saturdy night ..this boys talent is going to go global. a star in the makeing ,far from it ,the boy is already a star

  22. NeilMc says:

    Probably the best Voice to appear since Alexandra Burke.
    Hope the Pink lookalike watched the show and saw what real talent is. I hope Louis doesn’t get to mentor him or he’ll end up doing Ghostbusters or some other nonsense…I hope Nichole or Gary get to Mentor him and let him develop his own unique sound and style.Remember haters that was a live audition in front of a 2000 strong audience….Brilliant and can’t wait to see more.

  23. Gordy says:

    I hate X Factor but read the Swindon Advertiser and found this site. Amazing voice but hope he has a range of songs. Made me laugh when they asked where he came from and he said Swindon. I was waiting for the stereotypical jokes we usually have to put up with but he silenced them with his voice. Maybe now people will stop taking the mickey and listen and look at the talent we have in this town.

  24. Charlie_brown70 says:

    Jahmene is amazing and one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet! No one deserves this more than him!

  25. D.E. Bryant says:

    I was just clicking on talent show links and came upon him. Was immediately STUNNED. Yes, he has the voice but it was how he used it, how he approached that song. Etta probably was looking on in amazement–he was, to me, THAT good.

  26. Angel 58 says:

    Awesome !! I was in awe listening to Jahmene I just cryed,and what a beautiful soul he has what a pleasure it was listening to this wonderful singer: can’t wait to hear more and more I pray he goes all the way to the end and wins!! Good luck :)

  27. Chris says:

    Whether he wins the X factor or not, a BIG STAR is born and I just can’t wait to hear his songs soon. I know the USA market is waiting for him as we speak. Jahmene here comes the mega bucks.