X Factor 2012: James Arthur ‘angers fellow travellers after getting special treatment on plane’

james arthur

James Arthur has reportedly angered passengers on a flight after he was given preferential treatment by the airline.

The X Factor winner recently travelled to Scotland on an easyJet flight but allegedly frustrated fellow travelers when they were apparently told to remain in their seats to allow him off the aircraft first.

A passenger told the Daily Star: “We landed in Inverness and were told to stay in our seats due to a ‘special administrative detail’.

“It turned out James Arthur and two of his mates were on board. We all had to wait so he could be whisked off the plane first. He was treated like royalty.”


And the special treatment seems to have angered many passengers while a few of the Impossible singer’s fans applauded the star.

The traveller added: “Half the people on board started clapping him, the other half started protesting. It was odd. He was just on a reality TV show.”

Meanwhile, the musician is expected to storm the charts for a second time this month with his debut single as it is expected to reach the top spot again this weekend.

Do you think James Arthur should get special treatment? Leave your comments below…


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4 Responses to “X Factor 2012: James Arthur ‘angers fellow travellers after getting special treatment on plane’”

  1. torarose says:

    Of course James Arthur should get special treatment as he could get mobbed and it is in the other customers best interests to let him off the plane first for their own safety.
    On top of all that he is also a very special person.
    The people on the plane who objected are those who did not watch x factor and there is nothing more expensive than ignorance!

  2. Steve says:

    As though getting off your flight five minutes later…in Inversnecky…was some great loss…did you miss Nessie’s scheduled appearance for the year and your trip is now a wasted one? Maybe you were angry because you are a generally angry sort when someone with an abundance of talent is in your presence.

    Surely the headline should read “Lucky passengers meet James Arthur on their trip to Scotland.”

    Bah Humbug to you Owen Tonks

  3. chuck says:

    whether he should have recieved special treatment or not the question may still remain. Yet the simple fact of the matter is he did he is a celebrity afterall and thats just the way it works .

  4. chuck says:

    I tried to post a comment in regards to this article funny thing though somthing popped up told me it was a duplicate kind of remark even though this is the fist ive ever trie to post at this web site.Go figure