X Factor 2012: James Arthur reveals he nearly quit the show after panic attack!

X Factor finalist James Arthur is of course hotly tipped to win this year’s show – the final of X Factor 2012 airs next weekend – but he’s revealed that when he had a panic attack early on in the contest, he considered quitting.

As fans may recall, James was treated by paramedics at the show’s studios in Wembley when he collapsed soon after a live Saturday night performance.

It transpired that in addition to the panic attack, James also had asthma, for which he’s now receiving treatment.

But of how he nearly left the contest amid the trauma, James told the Daily Star Sunday, “I’d been thinking that I would have to leave the competition because of my panic attacks…

“When I had one a few weeks ago I was worried I would have a nervous breakdown.

“It was horrible.”

James went on to say that at the time, he thought he was suffering a heart attack and feared he was going to die. And though he’s obviously a lot better, James did concede that the schedule for the show is “grueling.”

He said, “I’m knackered because we’re so busy all the time. I ¬embrace the pressure and try to use it as positive energy.

“But I find the whole fame thing unnatural and often when fans come up to me I’m just so tired.”

He continued, “I’ve got stronger since my last panic attack.

“Hopefully it won’t happen again because I doubt I’ll ever work as hard again as I have on X Factor.

“The show can be very full-on.”

However, while normally, James has nothing but praise for X Factor, he did reveal that he was upset that he hasn’t been permitted to sing his own songs.

He said, “I asked to sing my own stuff but they said I wasn’t allowed. I’d love to perform my own material on the show.

“That’s why I came here, to make my own music. But the themes dictate what you can sing.

“I’ve been told there’s no place for me to sing my own songs in the final or semi-final.

“I’ll stick to the premise of the show and do what’s asked of me. I’ll have to do my best with the themes and what I’m given.”

Are you backing James to win? Here’s a reminder of his performance last night…

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5 Responses to “X Factor 2012: James Arthur reveals he nearly quit the show after panic attack!”

  1. DJ P says:

    To be honest, I do think that James should do his own material, I’m sure Lucy was allowed to sing her own song in the first live show even tho it had a given theme. therefore I can’t see why James shouldn’t be allowed to sing his own material too.
    Also as much as I like X Factor, I do think that the contestants work too hard at certain times, I understand that they have to but, X Factor people just chill out.
    Despite how much X Factor is popular, I do think that James is way too talented for this kind of show.

  2. tony h says:

    Of the singers that are still in James is the weekest singer. He lacks any signs of charisma and can not be described as having the looks required to be a pop idol. Sorry but he is way overated.

  3. arjah says:

    Seriously James Arthur is a total fake.This is the guy who organises his ‘army’ of faqmily and friends to get a voting campaign for him.This is the guy who tells people on his FB page to ask others to click likes .This is the guy who spams his vote James landline and mobile number over his facebook page.
    This is the guy who claims he was homeless yet his mam later reported he was never homeless and lived at home with her.This is the guy who leaves his longtime girlfriend when he found out he was selected to go on the show.This is the guy who womanises and write nice tits on a females chest.Then he comes on the show sucking the mic ever week in makeup eye liner and hair dye then says he could have a panic attack fro been tired.Mr James Arthur it is we the viewers who have to suffer you who are most likely to have a panic attack with fatigue of your antics and fake persona.He wasnt voted bottom 2 for no reason.It’s time for James Arthur to leave and many of us hope he is eliminated on Sunday.Signed a tired ex J arthur fan.

  4. Kaela says:

    What on earth? James deserves to win this, and I know personally that he’s a favorite of the majority of the british public so I don’t know what you’re talking about..

  5. XFF says:

    James is my favourite but, if he thinks his schedule’s hectic now (which I’m sure it is), he should speak to One Direction…