X Factor 2012: Kelly Rowland won’t be back…Dannii Minogue or Sharon Osbourne to replace her?

Kelly Rowland has confirmed what we have all suspected for weeks, she won’t be back on The X Factor this year.

The American star made a statement earlier today, revealing that she won’t be returning to the ITV show for a second year and while it has been implied that it was her decision to step down, there is a lot of suspicion that in fact she wasn’t offered a spot on the panel by Simon Cowell.

She claimed that previous work commitments clashed with the talent series, making her unable to be available for all the dates of the live shows. Her spokesperson said:

“Kelly has not been able to agree a deal that fits into her autumn/winter schedule so sadly cannot accept a place on the 2012 panel.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor quickly relased a follow up statement, reading:

“Kelly’s immense experience in the music industry shone through in both her Judging and mentoring on The X Factor and we would like to thank her for being a part of the country’s number one show and wish her well for the future.”

It has already been confirmed that Gary Barlow will be back on the show this summer and this morning, on Daybreak Tulisa revealed that she hoped to be on the panel when auditions start next month. Her return has not been officially confirmed but after Simon Cowell offered her a performance slot on Britain’s Got Talent this Sunday, we think it’s only a formality.

Louis Walsh has previously claimed that he has signed his contract for 2012, though again, this has not been confirmed by ITV executives.

But who will take Kelly’s place? Well the main name in the frame right now seems to be that of Dannii Minogue.

We reported yesterday that the Australian star was in ‘secret talks’ with show bosses about making a comeback to the show, after she was forced to leave last year due to scheduling conflicts with Australia’s Got Talent, on which she also judges.

Insiders had reported that Cowell was keen to have her back onside – and not just because he felt bad about revealing their affair to Tom Bowers – and thinks that viewers would support her return to the series.

Dannii recently split from her baby daddy Kris Smith and is said to be keen to distract herself with work and what better place to do it that on the set of the busiest most time consuming TV show around.

Tulisa admitted that she would love to work with the mum of one also, and said:

“I used to watch X Factor before I got on the panel. I always thought Dannii was great and I’m sure we’d get on really well.”

Yesterday, Louis Walsh claimed that there are five people currently in the running for Rowland’s spot and confirmed that one of them is Sharon Osbourne.

She left the series in 2008, after clashing with Minogue but has since admitted that she adored working on the X Factor and may have been hasty to walk away over a personal disagreement.

Would you like to see Dannii or Sharon back on The X Factor? Could it help Simon with his ratings issues? Leave your comments below…

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6 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Kelly Rowland won’t be back…Dannii Minogue or Sharon Osbourne to replace her?”

  1. Gav Harrison says:

    I said weeks ago she wasn’t coming back and that was from someone in production,glad she’s gone she wasn’t a very good judge at all,I’d be happy with Dannie or Sharon back

  2. Jennifer says:

    WE WANT DANNII BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lucy says:

    Like I said before, I am a Dannii fan and will watch the X Factor again if she is on it, but I do think Dannii returning is a bad idea and hope she does turn down the offer.

    Dannii left on a high in 2010 with having a winning contestant. Why risk that and go back with getting a rubbish category and having no act in the final? It is daft in my opinion.

    Also, the X Factor has done its job for Dannii and raised her profile, plus she is rich now, so she does not need the show anymore. I would like to see Dannii leave the show behind and do something different and new, not go back to the old judging rold on X Factor.

  4. Andrea says:

    For some reason, i just do not take to that Danii lady. she might as well stay in Australia for all i care !

  5. I wasnt Sharon Osbourne to be a judge on X Factor :) says:

    I want Sharon Osbourne to be a judge on X Factor again she was so funny and entertaining and you never new what she will do next lol XD

    I dont watch X Factor anymore because I find it boring and hate the silly changes to the show, X Factor show was better when it first started.

    I wish it went back to 3 judges and not 4 and get Simon, Sharon and Louie as the three judges again. Make the auditions go back to being in a room and not on stage.

    Show the results on the same day as the show is on and not wait until the next day!

    I miss how X Factor use to be and I understand they need to keep the show fresh every year but too many changes spoils it for some people. Why fix something that doesnt need fixing? :(

  6. I want Sharon Osbourne to be a judge on X Factor :) says:

    Lol I meant to put ”I want Sharon Osbourne to be a judge on X Factor :)” in the name part XD