X Factor 2012: Little Mix singers say of Christopher Maloney, “We’re not fans” and insider says Ella Henderson could be “in danger” tonight!

Former X Factor winners Little Mix have hit out at current finalist Chris Maloney, saying, “We’re not fans.”

In an interview with The Sun, Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson kicked off the Maloney bashing, saying, “Poor Gary [Barlow], clinging on to Ma-phoney. We’re not fans.

“I don’t really get it and I don’t know who is going to buy his music.

“I guess ‘each to their own’. But I can’t see that he’s going to become a pop star.”

And her bandmate Jade Thirlwall added, “I’ll eat my hat if he goes the whole way.”

Little Mix are of course appearing on tonight’s live results show to perform their new single, DNA, and it seems they’re very nervous about it.

Perrie Edwards said, “I am going to puke on stage. I am genuinely really worried about it. I am petrified. Really petrified.”

Another X Factor star who could well have good reason to be “petrified” tonight is Ella Henderson, because according to a show insider, she could well be in the bottom two tonight.

The Daily Star reports that the insider claims that Ella has been “struggling” to win viewer votes, despite the fact that she’s never been in the bottom two.

The paper adds, “We reported two weeks ago that Scouse outsider Chris Maloney had been topping the public votes – a trend which has continued EVERY week so far.

“But show insiders admitted they may have more of a problem getting Ella to the final than keeping Chris out of it.”

The show source said, “It may be that Ella’s fans think she is walking it and so they don’t need to vote for her.

“If that’s the case they couldn’t be more mistaken.

“After a fairly strong start when she was in the top three for a few weeks, support has fallen away.

“For the last couple of weeks she has been languishing just a couple of percent above the bottom two.

“She would only have to drop a few thousand votes to find herself at risk.

“It’s time her fans came out and backed her, or they risk losing her for the final.”

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star Sunday, Ella said, “I’ve spoken to Tulisa about being the favourite to win and she said I need to not let it affect me, so I am trying to just carry on and do my own thing.

“I’m trying not to take it on board.”

Here’s a reminder of Ella’s performance last night, and you can click here to see our Week 6 chart…

Do you think Ella might go this week?

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13 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Little Mix singers say of Christopher Maloney, “We’re not fans” and insider says Ella Henderson could be “in danger” tonight!”

  1. Gavin Martin says:

    i do agree with little mix though, christopher malony is not an star he should go back to singing in pubs

  2. Mr Moo says:

    Not sure about Christopher but defo like Ella.

    I can believe that it happens every year people think someones safe so don’t vote then they leave.

    I think Rylan is a lot worse though. At least Christopher has a good voice !!

  3. Ghee says:

    Little Mix Mentor last year is Tulisa, so they need to defend her. As much they don’t also want to upset Simon (he is their employer)! They just need to shut up! WTF!

  4. Mysterious says:

    When Christopher first auditioned our heart went out to him, specially because he held back his dreams for so many years living in fear of people who told him otherwise. Now, how are we any different from those bullies?? If he has the people’s support then let go for it. We live only once and this is life time experience for him. Live and let live.

    As for Ella, she is not losing her votes to Chris, but to Jahmane who is winning the viewers heart with his simplicity and humbleness. Also he is a better singer than her. Ella and James do the same boring thing week after week and yet the judges appreciate them. Her over confidence and Diva like attitude is costing her the public’s vote.

    What can I say about Rylan? Wonder if Tulisa will save her entertain factor if Ella ever lands at the bottom two with Rylan. Karma!!

    Oh yes, and Little Mix! They will disappear quicker than the Spice Girls…so they should keep their mouth shut and not judge. Even my teenage daughter and her friends have never bought their albums. She prefers The script, Rita Ora, Nikki Minaj, Bullet for my Valentine, Blink 142, Emily Sunde and even Jahmane to the likes of Little Mix. She is only 14!

    • Gill18 says:

      Hi Mysterious I agree with you. Little Mix will disappear pretty quickly after all they were manufactured. They are all ready becoming too big for their boots. I don’t what they think gives them the right to comment on another act publicly its not like they can sing all that well themselves. Just another bunch of attention grabbing girls if you ask me.

    • Alex Tomlinson (@alexlovestheusa) says:

      OK,that`s ur opinion…but ur daughter has never bought the Little Mix album cuz they haven`t released their first album yet…xx :D

    • JJ says:

      Okay “Mysterious,” this is coming from a music industry professional so I know my stuff.

      Firstly, your point about how people are being bullies by criticising him on this show is a pointless and quite pathetic point. In the music industry, every day someone will rip yoi apart for your hard word and perseverance: nobody knows how vile and cruel people in the music industry really are. A fully grown man who wants to sell cannot afford to cry whenever he is onstage. It is pathetic and it’s those kind of people record labels won’t touch with a barge pole!

      Secondly, if you look at the industry’s big sellers: Adele, Florence + The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandé, they are all young, good looking, stylistic, personable and artistic people. Christopher however, lacks all of these. If you truly believe that Christopher can sell albums and singles, you are gladly mistaken. The main target audience for any pop music act is the young teenage girl market: could you really envisage thousands of screaming teenage girls filling out venues to see him perform a couple of stale pop songs written for him by a sixty year old songwriter? It’s my job, and I definitely can’t.

      Thirdly, branching away from Christopher, you say that Jahmene is more talented than Ella, or even James (even though I dislike him)? If you knew anything about music and vocal theory, you would detect about ten flat notes Jahmene hits per performance: two is acceptable, five is bad, ten is shocking! As another poster on this website put it “Jahmene would be a very good human jukebox, but he has no artistic value.” Jahmene has not got a USP for the industry and therefore would appeal to a very narrow market. Also, saying that Ella and James do the same boring song each week!? What!? I think that’s very rich coming from a Jahmene fan seeing as he sings an R&B Ballard being a microphone stand each week! I mean, Ella and James are no better with their variety of aesthetical performing, but don’t accuse two contestants of doing the same thing each week when the act you are trying to defend is as bad, if not worse at their consistency!

      Lastly, your point about Little Mix doesn’t quite make sense. Saying that your daughter wouldn’t listen to this act (Little Mix) as their brand of music is rubbish (pop.) But instead she would rather listen to Nicki Minaj (Pop) and Rita Ora (also Pop!) That’s a rather eluded argument of you ask me. And fading away like the Spice Girls!? Oh yeah, dozens of smash hits and successful merchandising moves: that’s fading away!

      Let’s see how quickly Little Mix fade, as the “female One Direction” already has their foot in America’s door.

    • stcy says:

      wow,i like you already!!

  5. Tahaweh says:

    I’m with Mysterious. I just love Jahmene from the moment he stood in the side lines for his first audition remarking ‘what a shiny stage’. I hope to hear At Last
    soon. I love that.

  6. Gill18 says:

    Who care what Little Mix think. They should keep their mouths closed if they haven’t got anything nice to say. They were in the same position last year and should have some understanding. Where is their integrity?

    He has a good voice and comes across as a genuine decent all round fellow, hopefully this is not all for the camera’s and that he remembers his good fortune.

    Christopher is following his dream in the way they were a year ago and he was the People’s choice and not everybody likes the kind of music that Simon Cowell and co think the rest of us want to buy. There is a music buying public with more money than 14 & 15 year old girls who enjoy different types of genre’s.

    Ella has a good voice but it is nothing special, I can see the appeal of James to the younger buying public as he is a rebel, Jahmaine is a good singer and has some humility, Rylan is great fun and brings something every week to the competition it would be boring without him, I mean everyone who is left are pretty good so it is down to the public.

    Winning doesn’t mean huge success though. Remember Joe McElderry, Matt Cardle, Steve Berstein among others. They had some success but look at JLS, One D, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis and not all of these won.

    Good Luck Christopher tonight!!!

  7. Lisa Burton says:

    JJ. You know zlich about music or production. Jahmene has already been snapped-up by MOTOWN!
    You are reading from a script end of.
    LM are darn useless & hopping on the band waggon for xtra limelight/media attention (50p sun deal). Lest we forget their tears and sob stories last year – ratings will defo drop 2night due to negative comments re CM. Cowell could have enlisted the Muppetts & gained more attention rather than a bunch of orange/make-up clogged clowns.
    Jahmene is the OUTRIGHT WINNER.

  8. jjohnf says:

    little mix vocals on sunday show were dreadful

  9. Simon says:

    Chris Maloney is the worst.