X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh compares Union J to JLS – George Shelley is VERY nervous!

Louis Walsh has revealed that he hasn’t worked with a band as committed to their career as Union J, since he mentored JLS on the X Factor.

The Irish star started with three groups on this year’s series of the ITV show, but now proceeds with just the boyband, who he hopes to push as far as next month’s final.

The lads had been tipped for elimination on Sunday night but sailed through to this weekend’s quarter final without even having to perform in the singoff.

Louis thinks a lot of this was to do with how hard they are working behind the scenes and speaking on The Xtra Factor he insisted:

“Union J have worked really hard and I have never worked with an act since JLS that have worked so hard in the competition.”

He added:

“They work hard, they do everything right and I suppose District 3 were probably taking some votes as well.”

The lads have double the workload this week, as they will be taking on two songs on Saturday’s Abba / Motown themed show.

They seem a bit nervous about the prospect and George Shelley tweeted last night saying:

“Rehearsals are going SOOO smoothly today! :) Really nervous about singing two songs this weekend though… Who’s excited? George X”

On top of the extra song, Union J also have to deal with the fact that Ella Henderson, their closest pal on the show has left the series.

Jaymi Hensley’s mum admitted that all the lads are feeling sad about her elimination and told Dunstable Today:

“The boys were devastated to see Ella go home as they have become so close, she is like their little sister.”

She added:

“They are happy they’ve come this far though and they deserve to be there. Jaymi’s voice is sensational.”

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One Response to “X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh compares Union J to JLS – George Shelley is VERY nervous!”

  1. Union J FAN says:

    Oops I meant *Jaymi, Josh and JJ.
    Not *Jaymi, George and Josh.