X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh says Union J are like One Direction…& JLS, Westlife, Boyzone & Take That! Phew!

Union J have a LOT to live up to because Louis Walsh just can’t stop comparing them to every other boyband around!

The X Factor judge was positively glowing after the lads put on two great performances on last night’s show and as the judges raved about their vocals, their personalities and their stage presence, he insisted they are just like other hugely popular groups that have come before.

After their performance of ‘I’ll Be There’ Tulisa raved:

“Wow, guys what a killer night. Two amazing song choices, two amazing vocal performances. This is your best night. Well done.”

Speaking afterwards on The Xtra Factor, Louis bigged up his boys insisting that they would be big stars after the show. He said:

“Union J have what One Direction have and what JLS have and what Boyzone had and Westlife and Take That.”

He added:

“They are four great kids, They sing, they dance, they love being here. They work hard and they’ve got that thing called star quality.”

Union J seemed pretty psyched by the reception they received too and they tweeted their followers last night, saying:

“THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!!! Having so much fun with my best friends ever. George X #VoteAndSaveUnionJ X”

The boyband are hoping to make it to next weekend’s semi final and admitted on the Xtra Factor that after Ella and James ended up in the bottom two, they think they might be in with a shot.

Do you think they can do it? Can Union J be as big as One Direction? Leave your comments below….

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh says Union J are like One Direction…& JLS, Westlife, Boyzone & Take That! Phew!”

  1. Ioan Davies says:

    I strongly feel that we won’t miss Union J this week only because they have got so much to live for i’m a huge fan of Union J they are my winners of the X factor of 2012

    • 1D Fan says:

      I think they’ll definitely be one of the few acts to have longevity AND a commercial market, like Ella and James.

  2. Tanzimk says:

    They are no way gna beat One Direction!!! Louis must be crazy!

  3. Roger says:

    Louis gets me sick

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh please Union J are good but I personally think One Direction will always be the better of the two. There’s just something about 1D that’s really special…🎶Nobody compares to you🎶 lol <3 ❤

  5. jjohnf says:

    louis is right all these groups are sh#te

  6. Ling says:

    Sorry Louis! There is just something about 1D that makes them so interesting n that they have great stage presence.