X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh talks Simon Cowell return – Tulisa wants Mel B to replace Nicole Scherzinger!

Louis Walsh has been speaking about rumours that Simon Cowell may return to the X Factor UK next year and it seems he doesn’t know anymore than we do.

It was reported last week that the music mogul is trying to find a way to work on both the British version of the talent show and the US series in 2013, because he thinks his presence is the only thing that will reverse the ratings slump.

However Louis was being tight lipped at a press conference today and when asked if his pal was coming back, said:

“I don’t know because he has the American show, he is doing the third series this year. I’d love him to come back, it’s always fun when he’s around.”

Louis also admitted that he has been shocked by the lack of tension between the female judges on this year’s show. He’s used to being in the middle of rows between Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne, Danni and Cheryl and last year it was Tulisa and Kelly Rowland.

In 2012 it seems Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa have been getting along well and he told Entertainmentwise:

“May I also say that this is the first year I’ve ever done it when there has been no hassle between the girls. The girls are getting on incredibly well this year. No hassle, no friction. First time ever.”

“In my nine years, it’s first time the girls have gotten on incredibly well off stage and on stage.”

Tulisa agreed and said:

“We just don’t want to compete with each other. We are two completely different people as well.”

As much as she seems to like Nicole, Tulisa doesn’t seem too worried about whether the Pussycat Doll returns next year or not and on who she would most like to work with on the panel the N-Dubz star said:

‘Mel B’

At this stage Lou Lou went all predictable and added:

“I think I’d like Sharon Osbourne. She would come back, tell your people to canvas her.”

Would you like to see Simon or Sharon back on The X Factor next year? Leave your comments below….

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5 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh talks Simon Cowell return – Tulisa wants Mel B to replace Nicole Scherzinger!”

  1. Wendy says:

    Of course Tulisa wants to get rid of Nicole she was a better mentor this year .. wasn’t a fan of Mel B on the show so hope she’s doesn’t replace her

  2. RC says:

    What I would like to see is Mel B STAY as a coach/judge on the Aussie version of the show! Add Sharon to the UK/Britsh one. Get a new guy to replace Louis. Keep the others.

    • Victoria says:

      Yes Rc I definitely agree with u get rid of Louis he’s old news he looks like the female judges Grandad we need some young blood lol :)

  3. Lance says:

    Louis is the fun of the show. He must not go. He did a splendid job this year. All the acts he brought to the live shows were credible, and in fact, it was Nicole who brought Rylan, and Gary who brought Maloney – the two least credible acts this year. If Walsh had brought either or both of them, everyone would criticize him vehemently, regardless of the which other acts he brought. Double standard, tsk tsk. LOUIS MUST NOT GO!