X Factor 2012: MK1 will speak to former member Will about his 33% cut tonight

MK1 have revealed that they will soon be sorting out their financial issues with former member Will.

The duo – consisting of singers Charlotte Rundle and Simeon Dixon (aka Charlie and Sim) – will take to the stage for the first time in this year’s series of The X Factor tonight, during the first live show of 2012.

The pair originally auditioned for the judges as a three piece vocal harmony group but during their tryout were informed that they could either drop their pal William from the lineup and progress to bootcamp, or find themselves eliminated.

After a bit of an on stage huddle – in which Will demanded to receive 33% of the band’s profits in the future – the trio agreed that Charlie and Sim would proceed alone.

They sailed through bootcamp and judges houses and during an interview yesterday, revealed that they are still in touch with their former bandmate.

They told Daybreak’s Holly Willoughby that he would be coming to the ITV studios to watch them perform tonight and insisted that progressing as a duo wasn’t a hard decision to make.

Sim revealed:

“We actually had the discussion on stage and it was solved right there and then. We didn’t need time to think about it.”

However, when asked if they would be honouring Will’s wishes and splitting any future earnings with him, the pair giggled, shook their heads and said:

“We’re going to talk to him about that tomorrow.”

Do you think they owe Will a cut?

The X Factor live shows start tonight and the song list for the singers has been revealed. Check it out and tell us if you think the groups can shine in the comments section below…

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One Response to “X Factor 2012: MK1 will speak to former member Will about his 33% cut tonight”

  1. Heartless says:

    Notice the quotation marks. I was merely referencing what other articles had said about him/the show. The fact of the matter is he WAS kicked out. His vocal ability clearly wasn’t an issue for the other two going in to the audition otherwise he wouldn’t have been with them in the first place. Given the option to all leave or stay on the show as a duo means he was kicked out. Anyway, the argument isn’t the details of how/why he was kicked out. It’s about where he stands now. He has effectively lost his career. If they do well out of the show, they owe him in the same way the founder of a business who was unfairly removed deserve a cut of the product/services they set up/provided. Sorry Rouge. You’re wrong.