X Factor 2012: Ooh that’s awkward! James Arthur’s credit card was declined 3 times!

james arthur middlesborough

X Factor winner James Arthur faced that most embarrassing of moments this week having joined the Christmas queues in order to buy goodies for the hols only to have his credit card declined three times at the checkout!

The Sun reports that James was trying to pay £771.74 for “a load of caps” in Footasylum at Teesside Shopping Park, in Stockton-on-Tees, and each time, his card was declined.

However, it seems that things were sorted out after he made a hasty phone call while holding up the queue, but the store’s manager stepped in to take James to one side while he sorted out the awkward situation…

A source said, “The manager stepped in and said he could take the goods and pay for them at a later date.”

The paper also reports that James got a rather nice Christmas present from X Factor boss Simon Cowell in the form of a plush new pad in London, which is apparently a far cry from his former home which was a bedsit.

And as if that wasn’t enough yuletide joy, it seems James’ X Factor winner’s single Impossible is headed for the No1 spot again. It first topped the charts when it was initially released after the show’s final.


Here’s a reminder of the single…

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