X Factor 2012 Results: Ella Henderson is now backing Union J & Jahmene Douglas but wishes she’d sung an original song!

Ella Henderson has revealed who she wants to see winning the X Factor now.

The talented teenager was voted off the ITV show this evening after failing to bring in enough public votes and ending up in the singoff with James Arthur.

The judges were split over who they wanted to save and the show went to deadlock, revealing that James had been the more popular singer of the two and would be progressing to next week.

Although Ella is a big fan of James and admitted that she’d love to see him in the final in three weeks time, she revealed that it’s Union J and Jahmene Douglas that she’s backing to win.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor Ella said:

“I am definitely going to be supporting Union J, they are like my big brothers here and Jahmene my little chicken.”

Henderson performed a song from Grease on Saturday night and at the time, Nicole Scherzinger said it was the wrong track for her.

She thought it was too dated and not emotional enough but Ella insisted she still liked the performance. Her only regret is that over the past seven weeks, she hasn’t insisted that she be allowed to perform one of her own songs.

She added:

“I think last night I felt the most control I have ever felt over a performance. The thing that I was a bit gutted about is that I haven’t had the chance to do one of my originals on the show. If I could do anything differently it would have been one week to push a song of my own.”

Gary Barlow admitted earlier that he was shocked to see Ella and James in the bottom two tonight, as he has championed both singers since the series began.

The Take That star pleaded with people to start voting for their favourites and said:

“Every week I can never call the bottom two. I am rubbish at it. I never used to vote until the final but you have to vote, no one is safe. At this point we are losing good people every week.”

What did you think of tonight’s results and would you have liked to see Ella doing one of her own songs? Watch the clip of her performing one of her tunes on Xtra Factor and leave your comments below..

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6 Responses to “X Factor 2012 Results: Ella Henderson is now backing Union J & Jahmene Douglas but wishes she’d sung an original song!”

  1. debbie grimes says:

    what a fix you should call it the fix factor raylan should of gone weeks ago what a dim bow he is making a show of him self

  2. derek says:

    its a shame and a big shock to see a g8 singer voted off…..do i think ella could have won …no…i wuz waiting to see her improve her vocals each week..but it sounded the same to me each week…where james and jahmaine went form strenght each week….but i have no doubt she’ll be back and signed up to make millions……

  3. guiwill says:

    she didnt win because shes a very original artist, she should be singing her own songs and this is whats gonna happen now. i cant wait to listen to her album and watch her rise to stardom!

  4. Madge says:

    Reylan should have gone not Ella

  5. Peter says:

    Well the crap factor is now at an all time low.When will these egotistical so called judges learn its not about saving my act.Its about saving the one with the most talent.The crap factor is like a wounded beast and it should be put down to save us any more misery .So
    you so called expert judges grow a backbone and do the right thing vote for the best act and not yourselves because it isn’t about you

  6. Pat says:

    Tulisa and Nichole said that this is an entertainment show and not all about the vocals. Are they now saying they have misguided the public? Or are the public voting in protest as to how the show has panned out this year. The show is not a joke but some of the Judges who are on the panel are.