X Factor 2012 results: James Arthur outsings One Direction, Kylie and Rihanna – Harry Styles hits the most bum notes!

The public got the X Factor 2012 result right it would seem, as they voted James Arthur their winner last night, correctly realising that the 23 year old has sung the least wrong notes across the final weekend.

James in fact even out performed most of the professionals hitting just 8 bums notes on the first night – less than Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora on their own. On Sunday night his performance of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get it on’ also had less flat notes than performances from One Direction, Emeli Sandé and Rihanna.

AQA 63336 used expert researchers with the gift of perfect pitch to analyse how often acts hit the right and wrong notes. Perfect pitch is an innate musical gift an individual has to analyse the note of the tone without an external reference. In order of worst performance:

It was bad news for US chart toppers One Direction who fared worst than any of the current X Factor contestants. In their short performance of new single ‘Everytime we touch’ Harry Styles was the worst offender, hitting eight bum notes. Liam hit seven, Zayn five, Niall two and Louis struggled on one bad note (having just one line of the song, too). On Saturday night Kelly Clarkson broke away from her professional rivals with 19 bad notes in total.

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