X Factor 2012 results: Louis Walsh teases Union J record deal – not happy about Christopher Maloney!

Louis Walsh has insisted that Union J have nothing to be worried about after being eliminated from The X Factor.

The lads were voted off the show tonight, after performing on the semi final with Christopher Maloney, James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas and this evening it was revealed that they wouldn’t be getting the chance to perform on the final, because they finished the series in fourth place.

The boys admitted that they were ‘gutted’ to be so near yet so far, however Louis thinks the future is bright for the handsome young singers and said:

“The X Factor has set these boys up for an amazing career, you couldn’t buy it.”

Speaking on The Xtra Factor he added:

“Already labels are looking for them. These boys are going to be the next big boyband.”

Louis will now go on to next week’s final with no acts to mentor but he knows who he’s backing to win. Basically it’s an anyone but Christopher strategy and the Irish star wants viewers to vote for James and Jahmene.

He said:

“I think its wide open but I trust the British public to pick the right talent. It’s a two horse race for me…James and Jahmene.”

Chris is ignoring the negativity however and tweeted his fans tonight saying:

“we did it! we did it! we did it! get in. I love you so much! here’s to finals. love u so much I really am overwhelmed xx THANK YOU THANK YOU”

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Would you buy Union J’s album? Leave your comments below…

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10 Responses to “X Factor 2012 results: Louis Walsh teases Union J record deal – not happy about Christopher Maloney!”

  1. shanon says:

    THE FIX FACTOR OF THE YEAR 2012 aload of crap this year with the judges no nowts

  2. RC says:

    Union J should of made the finals and Christopher BOOOOOORing should of been sent packing plain n simple. But I have no doubt Union J will be the only successful one of the 4 anyways esp. on an outside the UK base.

  3. RC says:

    p.s. PLUS Union J have trended on Twitter in the US numerous times while show has been on so that’s a sign they will make it over the others. None of the other acts like the joke that is Rylan and Christopher have done that. So YA!

  4. annonymous says:

    i think X Factor would have benifited more if Union J was in cause we all know that the battle will be against christopher and Jamayene and seeing the number of people i have asked if they are voting for christopher were the majority and when i asked why they say because hecomes from my home town!!!!!!! why people why

  5. Phil says:

    Union J will be the ‘next big boy band’ just like The Risk & Eton Road who Louis predicted great things for,who you may well ask – exactly!

    Jaymi should go solo and audition next year

  6. Lynn says:

    Christopher is an absolute joke. He took the place in the final from 4 very talented boys. Whatever!!!!!!! Union J will go far…Baloney will never be heard of again. Union J already look like popstars.

  7. Liam says:

    I really don’t know who is voting for Christopher but one who really hate X Factor’s program. frustrated!

  8. Tahaweh says:

    If these people vote Christopher Maloney to win, then like others I have had enough as this public voting system is so wrong and full of holes. He is good enough for cruise ship work but as a major International Star?
    It is ridiculous!!!!

    • Ghee says:

      Yoh…just close your eyes, if you don’t want to see him! Put, earplugs on your ears, so you don’t need to hear him. Turn your TV off…or, else go out and take a walk, breath some fresh air!

  9. Chris Bragg says:

    Yes I will by union j albam they are good as a boy band