X Factor 2012 results: Nicole Scherzinger says people aren’t voting for Jahmene Douglas because of his dad and brother!

Nicole Scherzinger has hit out at claims that Jahmene Douglas is running on sympathy votes on the X Factor.

Newspapers have widely reported the fact that the 21 year old is the product of a very troubled childhood and that he grew up with an incredibly violent and abusive dad and then had to deal with the fact that his brother took his own life in 2008.

Last night the former shelf stacker dedicated a version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Look To You’ to his late sibling, revealing that he last sang the tune at his funeral.

A caller on The Xtra Factor asked Nicole is he was proving popular with the public, because of his story rather than his voice and she was outraged.

The US star insisted:

“They are voting for him first and foremost for his voice. Hands down! Its the strongest in the competition.”

She added:

“And then to understand his story and where he comes from, that just solidifies everything and where we really connect with Jahmene.”

Jahmene has been popular not just with the public and judges but his fellow contestants are big fans of his too and when James Arthur was asked who he gets on with backstage, he said:

“Absolutely all of them, especially Jahmene because he is the most adorable man you will ever meet.”

Jahmene is currently bookies favourite to win the X Factor but first he has to get through tonight’s semi final results show. He is up against James, Union J and Christopher Maloney and only three can go on to next week’s final.

Do you think he can do it? Are people voting for his story, his voice, or both? Leave your comments below…

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5 Responses to “X Factor 2012 results: Nicole Scherzinger says people aren’t voting for Jahmene Douglas because of his dad and brother!”

  1. Ann Craib says:

    People should vote for the person with the best voice. That is undoubtably Jahmene Douglas

  2. cathie bruji rowntree says:

    Regardless of Jahmene’s background and hi family circumstances,there is no doubt at all that his voice is so special I feel absolutely certain he is the winner. No doubts no contest,his gift is more than remarkable,he has a God given miracle of communication via the medium of music.His natural interpretation of music is phenomenal

  3. Janey j says:

    Still don’t get it. Vocal acrobatics are so dull now.

  4. Tahaweh says:

    Janey j I suppose you love Christopher Maloney. If you think Jahmene is dull, you probably are around 70 – 80 years old and think Christopher is the bees knees. Yet saying that I would think there are plenty of 70 year olds who understand the great talent of Jahmene. Have a new hearing aid fitted!

  5. Scouser says:

    Jahmane has a stunning voice and he should win James reminds me of someone who would sit in his room all day with his rizla and old holborn sorry but that’s how I see him and the crusty oap Louis reckons everyone on the planet is going to get a record deal he even made it possible for jedward so there you go a load of bull to pay there wages and to keep mr cowbells bank rolling FACT.replace the bull with some decent wildlife programmes