X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa blasts ‘ridiculous’ decision to vote off Ella Henderson

Tulisa Contostavlos is not a happy bunny!

The X Factor judge saw the last of her X Factor singers eliminated from the ITV show this evening, despite the fact that Ella Henderson was one of the favourites to win.

Christopher Maloney and Rylan Clark had been tipped to leave the series but sailed through to next week’s show, as Ella and James Arthur found themselves in the bottom two.

Louis and Tulisa voted to save Ella, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger backed Arthur and so the show was driven to deadlock and the talented teen was sent home.

Speaking after the result was announced a very incensed Tulisa blasted people for not voting for her protege and said:

“It is ridiculous this situation, it is ridiculous!”

She added:

“People did not vote, people thought she was safe and did not pick up the phone. There was nothing wrong about her performances each week, that performance was one of the best she has ever done.”

Ella seemed to take the news with a bit more grace and insisted that she isn’t upset with any of her fellow acts. She said:

“Do you know what, this year the talent on the show is incredible and everybody deserves to be in that final – everybody.”

She added:

“I just want to say thank you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for this show.”

She spoke about her highlights so far, continuing:

“Just meeting people…. the contestants are great… and performing on this stage. I have loved every minute of it. It has given me so much confidence, not just as a performer but I have grown so much as a person and I will take that with me.”

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Did Ella deserve to leave? Leave your comments below….

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10 Responses to “X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa blasts ‘ridiculous’ decision to vote off Ella Henderson”

  1. jan weller says:

    Since Simon has not been doing the British X Factor it hasn’t been the same, I think it’s time to put this baby to bed once and for all, this is supposed to be a singing contest not a variety act, Britains got Talent has more legitimancy than the X factor now…

  2. Scotch rick says:

    Tulisa is a hypocrite. She voted for Rylan… A worse singer than Caroline Poole and said the x-factor wasn’t just a singing competition. Now apparently it is a singing competition and she doesnt like it

  3. Keith Williams says:

    Tulisa has a short memory she has previously sent home good singers. I will not be wasting my money when judges select personalities before good singers. I hope Rylan wins now.

  4. P says:

    Tulisa voted for Rylan over Kye Sones … I mean … seriously?!

    Now she gets the reult.

  5. gemma says:

    tulisa has been voting rylan all the way though and now she has lost her last act. its not fair good singers are going home every week well rylan stays he cant sing it’s a joke !!!

  6. X Factor Viewer says:

    I personally think she meant it was ridiculous to keep Chris, not to keep Rylan. Rylan would be a laugh in concert. Chris would not.

  7. Mark says:

    Well Well Well Gary said this would happen from day one, my goodness was he right, Tulisa I do think your fab, BUT come on be honest we the voter know the Xfactor as always supposed to be about the vocal, you said on more than one show It’s not, you voted good vocal’s off to vote for Rylan, you promoted people to vote for him, Gary told you week after week good singers where loosing out to not so good Rylan, you have assisted in getting your own act voted off, Ella everyone knows she is one of the best if not the best since leona, now you cry voter’s are to blame for thinking she’s safe, don’t blame the voter now and claim it’s a show for vocal’s, when you’ve said in other show’s it was’nt, shame really because now a fabulous person like Ella is out, it’s all down to you and the other judges who have voted for rubbish, you should of listened to Gary all those weeks ago, sorry sweet’s I do think your fab, I have only one thing to say to sum up, admit it you and others are responsable for not doing the right thing week’s ago and not the voter’s at home, so pick yourself up and pray Ella gets signed for her sake, she should still be in it and still would be if Rylan was kicked out all those weeks ago.

    • Pat Smith says:

      X factor is not one of my favourite shows however, I have watched it occasionally. Have not thought much of it since 2008 when Alexandra Burke won, by the way this young lady can sing and has a better voice that leona. Sure leona can sing but she is not better than Alexandra. Just wish people would be honest with themselves.
      Loved Ella in the beginning, but as someone has commented before, she became a bit monotonous. By the way Chris can also sing. It is a talent show, where vocal ability is paramount.

  8. Floweringjoy says:

    I feel this year has been exceptional for many different reasons.You have entertainers like Ryan who has a beautiful personality & I feel a expansive heart & really being himself, no pretense about him. This year has been exceptional in singers and their different qualities, and I must say all brilliant in their own way! Rylan is not the best singer, but a wonderful entertainer, I love him and would pay to go and see him.James, Ella,Jamen, Union J, they are all fantastic, depends on your personal choice. But for me personally I would choose Jamen as I think his voice is so amazing it sends me to places I would love to stay…Thank you for all your individual talent…

  9. Ghee says:

    I’m not Rylan fan! But, i think UK need a new Robbie Williams.