X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa & Gary Barlow argue over Christopher Maloney & Rylan Clark!

Tulisa Contostavlos has admitted that she is upset Christopher Maloney is still on the X Factor.

The judge was devastated when her final singer Ella Henderson was eliminated this evening, after finding herself in the singoff against James Arthur.

She blasted the ‘ridiculous’ result after it was announced and on The Xtra Factor, when she was asked if she was upset to see her girl leaving while Chris survives she admitted:


Contostavlos has been Maloney’s biggest detractor on the show so far and while she was slightly more positive about him yesterday, we got that feeling that her strategy was to decrease what she thought were sympathy votes for the Liverpudlian.

However, Gary Barlow defended his singer insisting that the act that least deserves his place on the show is definitely Rylan Clark.

He said:

“I am more annoyed that Rylan is through because Christopher can sing.”

The dad of three added:

“It’s a singing competition and I said from day one that every week Rylan sings a good act will go home and here is the result tonight.”

However Tulisa wasn’t convinced and when asked if she was more upset that Chris or Rylan were through said:

“That Christopher’s through, there’s something missing, there is no connection.”

So far Christopher and Jahmene Douglas are the only two X Factor acts that have never been in the bottom two, prompting the question will they be the last two acts standing next month.

What do you think of the whole furore? Leave your comments below…

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26 Responses to “X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa & Gary Barlow argue over Christopher Maloney & Rylan Clark!”

  1. Ellana S says:

    I was totally shocked with the bottom 2 tonight, I was hoping to see them both in the final. I thought James was really good last night (he is not really my taste but i appreciate he is very talented). Ella is just amazing, so sad she is out…

    I truly cannot understand why people are voting for Christopher, he can sing but there is nothing special about his performance – he is mega boring…

    • Bryan says:

      For this viewer, from the get go, I have felt that for the X factor to stay relevant the final would need to be three really good acts – most likely Ella, James and Jahmene. potentially even Union J. My reasoning is based on the fact that I can see a potential commercial music career for any one of these acts.

    • Bryan says:

      For this viewer, from the get go, I have felt that for the X factor to stay relevant that the final would need to be three really good acts – most likely Ella, James and Jahmene. With Ella gone, it would not be horrible if Union J were the third act to make the finals. My reasoning is based on the fact that I can see a potential commercial music career for any one of these acts ( James, Jahmene or Union J ). This season, we saw some incredible talent auditioning for the X Factor . For better or for worse, the producers of X factor have felt that finding the next recording star, on its own ,is quite boring so they have always added a performer or two for novelty or entertainment purposes. Maybe for ratings, this is necessary but I believe it cheapens the show. With ratings falling it might seem that more viewers are agreeing with me and tuning out. With Ella gone, a huge reason to watch this season went out with it. Gary was right when he warned everyone for weeks that this would happen. I must say that I saw it coming also. Tulisa said tonight that she was more annoyed that Christopher was still in the competition rather than Rylan Clark. Give me a break Tulisa. While Christopher is not my cup of tea either, he can sing!
      Susan Boyle would also get a lot of flack from the X Factor judges if she was on the show and if she was still on the show in week 7. I doubt if Tulisa would buy her album either but a lot of people around the world did and made her an international recording star. Is there a market for Christopher?
      We really just don’t know. But let’s remember, it was the public that put Christopher on the show. And it was this same public that has been voting for him ( he has never been in the bottom two ) and getting sick and tired of hearing some young chav constantly ripping him each week who have been angered into picking up the phone and voting for him. I almost voted for Christopher last week.
      Last week, I thought Christopher did really well and then he still got crucified by the judges. He deserved a better critique than that. Couldn’t the judges just critique the singing and put aside their personal music biases for once? Tulisa is also the same judge who decided that Kai should go home and Rylan should go into another week — because Rylan was more entertaining?? The way I see it, Tulisa helped create the monster that we had this week with Ella and James being in the bottom two. Because somewhere along the way it stopped being a singing competition and more about voting for an entertaining personality. Twice Rylan has been in the bottom two. That was a double opportunity to let go a performer who is not anything about a record deal. Did you all hear that loud and clear? Whether you like Rylan or not, there is not a thing about Rylan Clark that suggests a record deal. Generally when a performer gets into the bottom two it becomes a loud wake up call to their fan base that they need to pick up the phone. Both of the weeks that Rylan was saved it rallied his supporters to the phone to keep him out of the bottom two for several subsequent weeks. So it was obvious every time he was saved that he would probably be safe a couple more weeks. This provides a bigger chance to have the fiasco that we had tonight. How embarrassing for the credibility of the show.

      • dex says:

        totally agree. I said to my friends when we were watchng is that they were trying to be too clever by changing well known songs, especially Ella. I think that the reason she is out whilst rylan and chris survived is that people recognised their song choices and like th esongs, whilst people were not keen on Ellla’s performance as they all love the original song

      • Lynsey says:

        Well said Bryan.

  2. Ana says:

    I was in shock too but these two singers last night sang songs well known for the public. In fact, iconic songs that they both sang far way different than the originals and probably the public didn’t like that. I know I didn’t . One thing is making an adaptation and try to make it your own but the song should be recognisable not just for the lyrics but for the music.

    • Jacqui says:

      I disagree Ana. Do you really want cover versions that all sound the same? Personally, I like a bit of originality. Its a bit like saying you don’t want any new songs, because they sound different from what you’re familiar with!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Not too worried really, as both Ella and James will have a record contract within 24 hours of being voted off X Factor. At least I won’t have to waste my money by voting to keep them in.

    It also goes to show what a complete joke this programme has become.

  4. Grandma says:

    How can Tulisa complain when she is the Judge that shouts for Rylan who cannot sing -that encourages people to vote for him -Gary is right while he stays good singers go home and its a singing competition – not just some clown having a laugh at our expense – watch Strictly in future at least the good dancers all stay in the dancing competition.

  5. ray says:

    Personally I blame the judges especially the ladies! They have hyped up Rylan from the start and then have the gaul to be surprised and upset …..tough! So now we have lost one of the best singers ….and of course it was a singer we were looking for wasn’t it ??????

  6. susan says:

    its tulisa’s fault, tulisa thinks everyone is into urban and changing the song around.

    Well there are not some people do purchase music other than that

    and tulisa was too keen on people voting for rylan instead of concentrating on her own act

  7. jjohnf says:

    tulisa sowed the seeds of her own downfall she kept rylan in as it wasnt just a singing competition and now her singer has gone

  8. Jacqui says:

    Serves you right tulisa(although I feel incredibly sad for Ella) a few weeks ago you had the chance to get rylan out of the competition ,but instead you kept the loser in the competition so it’s because of you that good acts go out, so don’t be a hypocrite, you had your chance and now Ella has suffered because of you.

  9. Gina says:

    Serves you right tulisa(although I feel incredibly sad for Ella) a few weeks ago you had the chance to get rylan out of the competition ,but instead you kept the loser in the competition so it’s because of you that good acts go out, so don’t be a hypocrite, you had your chance and now Ella has suffered because of you.
    And Christopher as every right to be in the competition he can sing unlike some !!

  10. stcy says:

    being nice and popular in your own hometown or neighborhood could be a great help to you if you join this kind of competition. if you have been planting seeds of good deeds and personality in your town you could always trust and expect that in times of needs they will be the first to support you no matter what. as a matter of fact this is what’s happening to chris. in all those bad publicity about him his supporters remains because the seeds he planted are now flowering and bearing fruits.

  11. Roger says:

    Really nice point, stcy! Loyal voters today will be loyal record buyers tomorrow, that´s for sure, and that´s why Christopher is getting so far and deserves to be where he is. If people have nothing good to say, do as Tulisa and admit defeat, sit down and enjoy his amazing voice.

    • stcy says:

      don’t be so sure about tulisa’s words she has a hidden motive in doing it last week but its too late, i will bet come saturday she will reload with more bullet because now she has nothing to lose.
      i have to reach out and appeal to christopher’s fan that they should be more active in voting,we’ve come so far strong and believer so lets do it till the end.

  12. Mandy says:

    As much as Rylan isn’t my cup of tea he is entertaining and the public are definately behind him and the other contestants seem to be as well. I’ve just been looking on twitter though and i really don’t understand where all Christopher’s votes are coming from. His twitter followers are under 100,000 whereas Ella has almost 500,000 and James well over 600,000 followers. Not to mention the fact Christopher gets booed by the audience whenever he gets through. I know twitter followers doesn’t mean people will pick up the phone and vote but who is actually supporting him? I find it hard to believe that he has so many more supporters than Ella and James maybe their supporters don’t pick up the phkne enough. Maybe there’s some truth to the runours that Christopher is spending a lot of time voting for himself! Who knows but the final should have been James, Ella and Jahmene.

  13. Ellana S says:

    I agree with your comments Mandy. I am not a Rylan fan either, but he comes across as a very decent chap and I do think he will have a decent career after XF (but not as a singer !.

    I think Nicole us the main reason he is still on the show, she was the one who was very vocal re it not been just a singing comp ‘its the x factor’ she said- so James being in the bottom 2 on Saturday is the monster she helped to create too.

    Christopher can sing, but a lot of people can sing! he is not in the same stratosphere as the other contestants. I find his performances boring, there is nothing special or fresh about him. I am also totally unimpressed with the puppy pleading eyes, wringing of hands please vote for me behaviour – I am so glad he is not connected in any way with where I live as i would be embarrassed.

    I can only think that this is deliberate voting to try and bring XF down I know nobody who rates him – there’s something fishy going on !
    If people want to waste their money fine – Christopher is not going to be a star (except maybe at Butlins). The other contestants such as Ella, James and Jahmene (and hopefully Kye) will have a future career in music, they have something fresh and unique to offer the music industry.

    I am so hoping CM is not in the final, I will be praying on a daily basis… oh no, he has 2 songs this week..

    • stcy says:

      i’m sure god will not grant your prayer,rather he will give you a lesson to treat everybody equally,to trust and respect once ability.god is god of love and equality.

    • Ellana S says:

      Well that’s one person that is voting for him !

      I am struggling to understand where his support is coming from – nobody I have come across rates him (which is very unusual for someone progressing this far in XF). I reckon it is probably a core group of people who are doing a mass vote for him. If that is the case they are doing him no favours, if he should win XF he will be on such a big high but will then come down to earth with a bang.
      I have never known people boo so vocally as they do with CM, and much as i do not agree with it (and I won’t boo when i go shortly, if he is still in, but neither will i applaud if he is as poor as he comes across on screen) I can understand their dissapointment when talented artists are in the bottom 2 and he and Rylan sail thro. One thing that has irritated me is is constant pursuit of the sympathy vote – I don’t rate anyone who does that. Jahmene was far worse with nerves etc, and he is coping well for the camera and not making a meal of it. I admire the way in which Jahmene has conducted himself, I hope he or James wins (I am not a James fan, but that is my taste and I appreciate that he is very talented).

  14. TONY GOLD says:

    I think Tulisa should remember,she sent 2 of Gary Barlows boys home,and kept Rylan!!!!>??? these 2 boys had far better voices than Rylans!! So now Tulisa,the public have gone for YOU!!!!!! not ELLA!!!!BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK TO DEATH OF HEARING YOU SLAUGTER MALONEY,EVERY WEEK!!! AND KEEP ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT YOUR BLOODY URBAN ROOTS!!! TRUTH IS TULISA,WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC,YOUR NOT FIT TO LACE GARY BARLOWS BOOTS!!!!

  15. Louise says:

    I’d like to point out that Gary in fact has four children not three.

  16. Lisa Bailey says:

    Wow Tony loving your comment….but quick question…Why the f*ck is union j is still in the comp? STOP drooling over them. GET RID OF UNION J…GET RID OF RYLAN…Nuff said! oh and Louise…I thought poor Poppy Barlow is dead? Or am i wrong to think that?

  17. Ellana S says:

    Lisa, Poppy Barlow is sadly dead, but bless her she was Gary and Dawn’s fourth child (gutted for them..)

    Tony, I don’t for one minute think that the public are after Tulisa, I for one think that her critique of him has been pretty fair – and all the judges but Gary (and particularly Louis) have been critical of Christopher Baloney. Gary has to support his act, bet he cries behind his dressing room door though !

    If reports are to believed re voting figure leaks, CM is way out in front – aarrgh the thought of him winning..

  18. Ghee says:

    Tulisa gave the viewers the fault, why Ella leave the Show! But, not herself! Tulisa you’re just a big insult for UK!