X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa & Nicole Scherzinger blast audience for putting James Arthur & Ella Henderson in bottom 2!

Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos got very feisty on tonight’s X Factor show.

The ladies kicked off big style when Dermot O’Leary revealed that their acts James Arthur and Ella Henderson were the two singers in the bottom two singoff this evening and they were forced to choose between the two fan favourites.

After the contestants performed their save me songs for the panel, in the hope that they would continue to next week’s quarter final, Tulisa blasted fans that are failing to vote for the most talented acts this year saying:

“This is exactly what I was talking about when people are voting for the wrong people!”

She added:

“These two people in front of me right now should be finalists. It is ridiculous! This is absolutely ridiculous and it’s because people at home are shocked but they are not voting for the person they want to save.

They are sitting back thinking they are safe and they are not.”

Tulisa of course chose to save Ella but she wasn’t happy about being put on the spot and said:

“My decision is obvious, the person who I am sending home is James, even though I love you to death and I should not have had to make that decision tonight at all.”

Nicole wasn’t any less upset and she ranted:

“No matter what happens today it will be a great tragedy for this show because you two are some of the most talented people ever to grace this stage.”

Addressing Ella, she added:

“You are meant for the stars my love, I have no worries about you but I am sorry I have to stick with my boy.”

After Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh cast their votes and the panel was still divided and undecided the show went to deadlock and Ella Henderson was voted off.

Do you agree with Nicole and Tulisa? What did you think of tonight’s result? Leave your comments below….

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13 Responses to “X Factor 2012 Results: Tulisa & Nicole Scherzinger blast audience for putting James Arthur & Ella Henderson in bottom 2!”

  1. Tim says:

    Looks like karaoke king is not even bottom. Bookies sh.t themselves as punter back clown act chris at 33 to 1 at 1000 pound stake. Little did they know the punter simon cowell. Hes not afraid chris wont make no 1 since it has charity backing. Hes looking to dump this brookstein clown controversially

  2. oz says:

    What do they expect….you play with fire and you get burnt.
    They have abused and passively bullied Christopher from the
    Beginning with their negative comments. Unfortunately the contestants
    have become pawns. Had Nicole Louie and Tulisa stopped the witch
    hunt and stupidity with Rylan deserving singers would still have
    a place.

    • B.B. says:

      You’re being ridiculous. Just because Louis, Tulisa and Nicole have not been fond of Chris’ song choices – does not mean they have abused or bullied Chris. They’ve given their opinions of how he should try and choose different songs because they are finding it difficult to connect with his performances. They’ve all said how he has a good voice – it’s just the songs they’re not fond of. Last time I checked, it’s their job to do so. It’s no different than Gary’s comments to Rylan every week. You’re obviously biased towards Christopher or Gary and make that assumption based on that. Christopher is the only act that has not taken on the advice of the other judges – acting as if he is above it. At least all the other contestants have taken the constructive criticism given to them and have worked on improving themselves.

    • B.B. says:

      Since you seem to have forgotten, it was all 4 judges who chose to put him through each stage through to judges houses – where he ended up as the wildcard as Gary didn’t choose him as his main 3. If the other 3 hated him so much he wouldn’t even have made it this far with just Gary’s vote, as you try to brand them as bullying and abusing him since the beginning.

  3. Gilly says:

    How can it be a fix? People didn’t vote for Ella and James simple as.In my opinion, Ella didn’t have a core group of fans, she doesn,t appeal to young ones thats Rylan.Tweenies will vote for union j,oldies like jahmene and chris.James just comes across as moody and miserable.You can’t complain about the result if you don’t vote.I do every week for Jahmene but i wouldn’t cry and be upset if he left at this stage because it’s proberbly better not to win anyway! For petes sake nobody has died it’s just a stupid reality show,life goes on after the show for all the contestants!!!!

  4. Vicky Jevons says:

    Gary warned from the beginning but both Tulisa and Nicole insisted on putting Rylan through stating’He is entertaining its not just about singing’ Tulisa changed her mind tonight and said its about singing – well you can’t jus change your mind when your contestant is in the bottom 2, they have both let their people down, I like Rylan he is a happy go lucky person and having a good time but he knows as well as the public that he can’t sing – Tulisa and Nicole have to take the blame for reults tonight and the person who I think has been treated badly is Ella, Tulisa is only their for her own glory hunting

    • stcy says:

      kind of agree to you about tulisa. funny thing is they condemn the people who are voting. why don’t they just keep on cheering rylan.

  5. nickie says:

    i havent enjoyed this years x factor. its not what it used to be when simon n sharon were judges. each year u get the joke act ie rylan, jedward etc. its ok saying they are entertaining, but to me the x factor should be about finding an artist who can sell records and has a great voice. that isnt rylan. hes a great entertainer but not a singer. theres only one who has stood out for me right from the start, and thats jahmene. he is amazing and so talented. im normally spoilt for choice and have a few favorites, but not this year. it seems to be more about the judges now n not the contestants.

  6. stcy says:

    i think they don’t have the right to question the decision of the viewers,after all they gave to the audience the decision by voting who they think is the best of the contestants. they should respect the result because people are spending money just to vote their favorite,

  7. Tom says:

    Interesting to note that it was the two that played around with their songs so much that they were almost unrecognisable from the original versions that were the ones who ended up in the bottom two.

  8. stcy says:

    everything she has planted she reaped it all. she tried to kill it but its too late the fruits has been ripened. i will bet that come next saturday she will be back antagonizing again,and this time it would be more frugal because she has nothing to lose.

  9. Tim says:

    One good thing rylan stil in show and can still seduce gary. Will they ever make love? Or is rylan having an affair with simon cowell so will even make it to the final?l

  10. Simon Cowell says:

    Darlings! Tulisa should take the blame for result. She and Louis both put Rylan though. Tulisa has lost the plot. Don’t ever blame the public, when its you that gave them the rubbish to vote for. I will be glad when Cheryl is back next year ;)