X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark’s performance cut from ITV+1 for THESE legal reasons (VIDEO)

Rylan Clark gave a show stopper of a performance on The X Factor tonight, we know this because we watched the show the first time round on ITV1.

However, those people who missed the first airing of the episode, or who waited to see it on ITV+1 because they were busy watching Strictly Come Dancing during the short overlap between the shows, will have been sorely disappointed, as half his appearance was cut out.

Twitter erupted a few minutes ago with fans, asking why the second half of the Essex boy’s performance didn’t air and instead they just got a message apologising and citing ‘legal reasons’ for the change.

Daniel tweeted:

“Just watched xfactor on itv+1 and when rylan was signing it went of, said this can’t be shown for legal reasons Anyone no what happend?”

LP asked:

“What was the “thing” that ITV +1 couldn’t show for legal reasons during Rylan’s performance that was shown on x factor on ITV 1???”

While Damien joked:

“Wish I’d watched #XFactor on ITV+1 because apparently Rylan’s performance was cut off halfway through “for legal reasons””

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It turns out that a problem arose because Rylan was supposed to sing ‘gangnam style’ during his performance, but in the heat of the moment he changed it to ‘rylan style’ which was not cleared for use.

An X Factor spokesperson told Unreality TV: “A small part of Rylan’s performance was edited from ITV1+1 due to legal issues.”

If you were one of the poor people who missed out on the chance to see Rylan’s crazy medley in full, then you can see the whole thing here, on Unreality TV….just click on this link!

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9 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark’s performance cut from ITV+1 for THESE legal reasons (VIDEO)”

  1. sean says:

    Here we go agian
    Come on give this a brake
    Ok people saying its how it is set
    Out ok come on its live
    What and why have people got a problem
    With rylan
    Ok people say it is all set up and a act
    Can that be true xxXxx

  2. Jennifer says:

    Rylan shouldnt b on da stage hes boring n cant sing. He perthantic. Hes just tryin to p gary off. Louis shuld of.sent him rylan home. I did lik louis now I hate him. Love u gary xx

    • Sophie says:

      Why don’t you learn how to spell, Jennifer, before commenting on public pages!

      • Jennifer says:

        no he didnt he crap n embaressing n a wierdo. Dont get me wrng I lik gay ppl but rylan omg hes crap singer n horrible person. End of

  3. Kiran Paul says:

    What the fu## is he doing there apart from taking the place of some one decent but saying that he is freakishly entertaining in his funny way, which is probably my guilty pleasure & at the end of xfactor are sneaky fu##s who put him there & are keeping him there cos mugs like us talk about ITV

  4. Kay says:

    now i watched him the first time round and i can honestly say i never once hear ‘rylan style’ i can also say he very clearly said gangnam style! so when they hell did this apparently happen cos me and my housemate DID NOT hear rylan style -.-

  5. Matt says:

    Whoop em Rylan style!