X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell commits to returning to XFUK next year, but does anyone still care?

As fans of The X Factor will know, barely a day goes by without there’s some report about whether Simon Cowell will, or should, or might, or won’t, or can’t return to the UK version of the show…

He of course bogged off to America last year to judge on X Factor USA, and in the wake of his departure, UK viewers seemingly turned off in their droves, leaving the British version of the show floundering somewhat as week on week, reports suggest that less and less of us are watching.

So this year, there have been reports that judge Louis Walsh has “begged” Simon to return to save X Factor, while Simon’s right-hand woman, and bringer of bad news Sinitta, reckons the show will end next year.

But contrary to her prediction, media commentators reckon that not only will Simon be back next year, but he’ll also boot all the present judges – except for Louis Walsh – and bring back former squeeze Dannii Minogue and ditched judge Cheryl Cole…

And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also been reported that Simon hates Gary Barlow so much, he appointed Nicole Scherzinger head judge – and gave Gary the group he hated most to mentor; the Overs – in a bid to make the Take That singer jump without the fuss and muss of a public pushing.

So it will come as no surprise then when I reveal that in today’s Daily Star, there’s yet another report about Simon’s return to the show next year…

The paper says of Simon, “He is understood to be fuming at sliding figures for this year, with last week’s show struggling to pull in 8million viewers.

“Now he has committed himself to six shows next year to bring ratings back up.”

However, it seems Simon has created a monster in Nicole, who said, “I don’t want to see Simon come back.

“I think we’ve got a good family and Tulisa, Gary and Louis are all holding their own.

“Simon has got his own thing going on in the US and I know the US embrace and love him.”

Well I for one am soooo over this whole Will Simon Return thing. In fact, I really no longer care…

How ‘bout you?

While you’re thinking on that, here’s a clip of Simon being embraced and loved (apparently) on X Factor USA…

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12 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell commits to returning to XFUK next year, but does anyone still care?”

  1. Gav harrison says:

    this is the best thing that could of happened to the show

  2. REANNE says:

    no dont sack louis..dan… I love louis,hes a good bloke, and has experience so show some respect..
    his group is good too.
    my view on simons return is simple.. his return will not stop the likes of chris torturing our ears.. remember jed ward and wagner? we will still b moaning about the rubbish one every year.

  3. strictly fan says:

    strictly is light hearted warm entertaining and friendly – the judges have a laugh and enjoy it (as we do)where as x factor is bitchy and catty.. simon wont change that.

  4. Andrew1991 says:

    This won’t make any difference if he came back because the damage has already been done

  5. Simon says:

    Dear Writer-of-this-article,

    I think it is obvious that you care very much.

    Any even mildly perceptive reader.

  6. Anthony says:

    Don’t bother Simon. The moment’s passed… the show is a disaster beyond repair.
    I doubt Dannii and Cheryl would be stupid enough to return anyway. Dannii’s already made her feelings perfectly clear.

  7. Shelby says:

    Ditched Cheryl again! She was supposed to be coming back on x factor next year and I was even considering starting to watch it again to see if it made any difference but if she has been ditched again I’m not doing and neither will any of my friends or family !

  8. Lucy says:

    Hasn’t Dannii ruled out returning to the show? I really cannot see her going back now, she seems to have moved on. Maybe Cheryl will be back, but Dannii won’t in my opinion.

  9. Mark Wright says:

    Gary – Wannabe Simon
    Nicole – Wannabe Cheryl
    Tulisa – Wannabe Danii
    Louis … Y is he still here?

  10. Lynsey says:

    Simon should just forget about returning to the show. His appearance alone won’t push the ratings back up. The problems with the show run so deep that it doesn’t matter a jot who is on the judging panel.

  11. paul says:

    I think simon should come back to the uk . I have tried watch the American xfactor . and I just can not get in to it. simon look lost over there the singer are great but some of the judges do my head in . simon you have made you money now come back to the uk were the people love you and think you are great . no body can fill you shoes on the xfactor . 50 percent watch the show for the singer ,and the other 50 percent watch it to see what you are going to say . olly mars dose a good job to

  12. paul says:

    just read some ok the comments what people are say about simon . and it not nice . you all no when simon was on the show it was a lot better . and to call him, you are all out of order . if anybody can make a come back it simon .