X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell orders voting figures to be aired LIVE during results show! Good or bad idea?

As fans of The X Factor will know, when Dermot O’Leary announces which finalists are going through to the following week – during the show’s Sunday night results edition – he always stresses “In no particular order” when revealing which acts have made it through on the public vote.

However, on X Factor USA, Simon Cowell, who is of course a judge on the show, introduced a new format in which viewers, and of course each act, are told which order they’ll go through based on how many votes they’ve received.

And today, The Sun reports that the new format will be introduced on the UK version of the show in the wake of Ella Henderson’s shock departure next week.

Apparently Simon thinks revealing who’s received the most votes, and equally who’s received the least, could mean that if fans of any particular act realize that their favourite isn’t getting a lot of votes, it’ll prompt them to pick up the phone and vote.

The vote reveal has proved a huge success on X Factor USA, and of introducing it to the British version, a show insider said, “If the viewers knew popular acts like Ella and James Arthur were pulling in low numbers of votes it would encourage them to pick up the phone.

“Revealing the voting numbers each week has really brought a new dynamic to the US show.

“Simon is looking to introduce it in the UK next year as part of a major shake-up.”

At the moment the UK X Factor only reveals the voting figures after each series ends.

What do you think? Would it be better to announce how many votes were placed for each act or would you rather leave it as it is now?

Here’s a reminder of Ella’s shock elimination…

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9 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell orders voting figures to be aired LIVE during results show! Good or bad idea?”

  1. Mandy says:

    Fantastic idea I’ve seen what they do on the US XFactor and thought we should see that here even it’s only done for one week.

  2. X Factor Viewer says:

    Fantastic idea.

  3. Ghee says:

    Why all of a sudden, now? Too late actually!

  4. Jon says:

    Not sure it will help. Problem is a significant number of people (and the ITV shows are some of the worst offenders) spending all their time guessing who is at risk, then swinging all their votes to help who they want to save. So a major subset of voters is actively voting for whoever they think is one of the weakest acts (but a “nice” one!) rather than the best. Perversely, the new system could lead to even bigger swings, with everyone knowing who was at risk last week and trying to save them.

    I think the only answers are either a completely transparent voting system with continuously updated voting figures in the show and online, or changing so people vote for who they wish to evict. People may vote for Rylan to save him, leading to Ella being in the bottom 2, but they would never have voted to evict her!

  5. gerald davies says:

    Votes should be for people they wish to evict.Ella would still be there.

  6. Anthony says:

    Yes I think it is a good idea, however, it can only be allowed if every phone number is limited to just one vote, otherwise we’ll have multiple votes from the same people, and that’s not on as the idea is that the person who the least number of people want to see is the one who goes, not the one whose fans have the least amount of money to be able to afford to vote thousands of times.

  7. stcy says:

    well that would be wonderful,maybe it can erase the image of fixed result.

  8. Tim says:

    Sorry ratings are flopping in uk and us and the problem is nt voting. The problem is the xf is fixed and the power of eviction lies with the judges votes from the bottom 2. Votes will matter if deadlock. I m sure figures will be manipulated to generate more phone income. You may be confident that u seeing your favourite top voting for three weeks may stop you voting in the 4th week. They may be in the bottom 2 in that week. The voting stats dont matter. The bottom line u need to vote for your favourite every week and voting should be open at end of show. Even then xf is fixed.

  9. Mark Wright says:

    Really? I think this will just suck the fun out of the whole show!