X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell worried about ‘dated’ Christopher Maloney but Chris is still getting death threats!

Simon Cowell is said to be more worried than ever about The X Factor, after Christopher Maloney won a place in the final last night.

The show is suffering from falling ratings and loss of credibility and the music mogul is apparently concerned that a win by Christopher this Sunday could hammer the final nail in the coffin of the ITV show.

The Mirror reports that the TV boss thinks the 34 year old hopeful is making the series appear ‘dated’ and is prompting younger viewers and fans to tune out, as their more relevant acts have been eliminated each week.

Bosses won’t be happy to hear that Saturday night’s show fell in viewer numbers once again and finished with 2.6 less people watching than watched Little Mix, Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily in the 2011 semi final.

The ITV1 singing contest attracted an average audience of 8 million during the penultimate performance show, compared to 10.6 million viewers who watched the final elimination a year ago.

It wasn’t just down on last year but once again the show lagged behind Strictly Come Dancing which brought in an average audience of 9.9 million viewers on the same night.

It seems that many viewers are just as unhappy as Cowell with Maloney’s continued survival on the series. The Scouser has been receiving even more death threats and retweeted a message this morning which read:

“I’m Going To Murder You Why Are You Voting For Yourself” ”

He replied:

“death threats yet again! disgusting! police informed!”

Chris left Twitter for a number of days last month and admitted that he was unable to cope with the abuse and hate he was getting online. X Factor insiders told us that police were informed then too about threatening messages he had been receiving.

What do you think X Factor fans? Is Christopher’s presence ruining the show or does he deserve to win simply because of the abuse he has received? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…

Also, check out all the details, spoilers and news on this year’s final here.

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7 Responses to “X Factor 2012: Simon Cowell worried about ‘dated’ Christopher Maloney but Chris is still getting death threats!”

  1. stcy says:

    people are already fed up enough to how the contestants were being treated,it could have been better if the judges do their jobs better and treat the contestants with fair and honest comments.all the negative reports used by the management to discredit their contestant made the show disgustingly to watch already.the issue of fixed result, the issue that the boss is not giving full support to his less favorite act,encouraging the judges to criticize a contestant for a purpose of eliminating him, all of these issues are enough to discredit this show,people’s respect and trust for this show has been tarnished already since cocozza reveals about how they manipulate him.some may not believed about it but are doubting now of how one of their contestant were being made as center of bad gossip.its not about the contestants this show is losing its audience and falling the rating, its all about their panels and management.

  2. Roger says:

    Simon is the responsible for his own mess. If he hadn´t started this evil plan to get Chris out he wouldn´t have to worry about Chris popularity. To be honest, I´m really enjoying that all haters and judges and Simon have now to admit defeat and listen to Christopher´s powerful voice singing in the FINAL!

  3. Ghee says:

    Simon Cowell who? Is he the grandpa of Louis from 1D?

  4. Ghee says:

    Simon don’t need to wonder if a Cruise Ship Singer like Chris Maloney win this Show! Anyway,…it is the Sinking Ship of Simon Cowell! I can’t even imagine that a Waiter like Louis Walsh win the Show, who can’t Sing at all!

  5. March says:

    The show has only themselves to blame with the ridiculous over the top judging critique used to try and discredit a contestant. The management of this show have been running scared for weeks because they are now looking at the backlash they created themselves. In the past 2 years since Cowell left the blatant manipulation from show staff and judges has completely destroyed the shows credibility. Simon Cowell is seriously deluded if he feels a contestant alone is responsible for the show loosing it’s credibility. Quite frankly if the viewers now decide that Christopher Maloney will be crowned this years winner, I can honestly say that the show and Simon Cowell got everything they deserved for the disgusting bahviour handed out to Christopher.

  6. ann fell says:

    simon cowell has only got himself to blame with his bad choice of judges, the ratings started dropping last year and yet hes got the cheek to blame christopher, well i blame cowell and the judges on all this witch hunt they started and now the public have joined,
    the judges themselves have ruined the x factor because of the way they act and treat people.
    all this hatred and bullying against christopher has made me support him more, this is all going to backfire in simon cowells and the judges faces.
    good luck for the final chris.

  7. mickjen says:

    don’t blame contestants, the judges have run the programme down initially by putting through the likes of wagner – gedward – chico -RYLAN,then voting off better singers which upsets viewers week by week till they turn off .what a wonderful idea to get viewers voting, but then the sting in the tail turn off and don’t waste time voting.( ho Louis so cheesy it must be because Nicole says so, you shouldn’t be on the programme NO NO NO I CAN’T MAKE A DECISION SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT TO DO )