X Factor 2012 week 7 results shocker: Ella Henderson ‘wasn’t surprised’ to be voted off

Ella Henderson has admitted that while it was ‘horrible’ to be in the bottom two this evening, she ‘wasn’t surprised’ by the X Factor result.

The 16 year old singer had been one of the favourites to win the show next month, however this evening she found herself in the sing off along with James Arthur and was later eliminated from the series.

Speaking on The Xtra Factor the stunning singer confessed:

“It is horrible being in the bottom two. I have been watching it from the green room for the last couple of weeks and I’ve felt awful inside but being in it is horrible.”

However she confessed that she wasn’t shocked to be in danger and said:

“I wasn’t shocked…well I was shocked James was in the bottom two but I wasn’t shocked about myself.”

Ella added:

“You never know what’s going to happen. Especially this year. There have been so many shocks in the bottom two every week, I didn’t know what way it was going to go.”

Henderson may have been crying and was obviously upset to have missed out on the chance to sing in next week’s quarter final, however she was gracious in her defeat and insisted:

“I have enjoyed every minute of being in the show and I never expected to get this far. I didn’t expect to get through my live audition never mind where I am right now.”

To her mentor she said:

“Tulisa thank you so much.”

Tulisa hit out at voters for not saving Ella, saying that the result tonight had been ‘ridiculous’. Read more here.

What did you think of Ella’s elimination? Leave your comments below…

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8 Responses to “X Factor 2012 week 7 results shocker: Ella Henderson ‘wasn’t surprised’ to be voted off”

  1. csPT says:

    This was freaking OFFENSIVE! I really don’t get it! So the british voters decided that Rylan Clark is better than Ella Henderson??? RIGHT! I could gon on but it is worthless after this! Voters are either deft or dumb!!!!

  2. sunnah says:

    Cant beleieve it ella should jave won the compition she was awsome since day one and i james and ella were the favourite for a couple of weeks and had loads of fans voting for them an they were in the bottom two SHOCKING AS

  3. Rachel says:

    NOO!!! Wow that’s unfortunate Ella was one of the best ones I can’t believe she’s off the show.Whatever someone will sign her and we can continue to hear her beautiful voice stay strong Ella at least you can see your family now <3 :)

  4. Ghee says:

    Guys, keep calm! Don’t forget please, this is a FIXED SHOW! You don’t need to be suprise, anymore! Simon should no longer wonder why ratings are down! And it’s not definitely Gary Bore-low’s fault!

  5. D. Humphries says:

    I am so ‘SHOCKED’ Ella is no longer in this years Xfactor .. I wonder if the show is fixed now Ella is out, I just can’t imagine Christopher or Ryland could even be top British artists yet alone International ..
    I hope some producer will reconise the talent Ella has at her age of 16 yrs still and help hermake an album as I would buy it .. This country has lost the plot, but it is 2012 I guess ..

  6. Ben says:

    Bring her back. She’s amazing. She should win. Send james home and bring her back. She’s got tonnes fo potential.

  7. Ben Doherty says:

    I love her. She’s such a star in the making. She needs to bring out an album. If I could I would give her !9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999989. She is so fabulous. I mean she’s adorable, fabulous, and has such power in the voice. I want to meet her. I want to go to her concert. I mean if you don’t like her you’re a criminal. Good luck for the future sweetheart.

  8. Vonnie says:

    Tulisa said it last week that Ella wasn’t safe and that her supporters had to vote to keep her in. It’s not that Rylan or anybody else is a better performer. Ella’s (and James’s for that matter) supporters didn’t do their bit and vote. Both Ella and James are outstanding performers and will have great music careers ahead of them. I hope Rylan doesn’t suffer the backlash. It’s not his fault or Chris Maloney’s or anybody else’s fault. It’s the supporters fault for not bothering to vote.