X Factor 2013: As Simon Cowell treats himself to a new boy’s toy car, Demi Lovato reckons he’s “super down to earth and humble!”

demi lovato and simon cowell

X Factor boss Simon Cowell is of course one of the richest men on the planet, and being something of a “petrolhead” he loves to spend his pennies on cars…

And it’s been revealed today that to add to his collection of motors – which include a Rolls-Royce and £850,000 worth of Bugatti Veyron – Simon has treated himself to a Caterham Seven.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “He has shelled out around £30,000 for the British-built Caterham Seven, which has no air-con, electric windows, carpet or even a radio.

“But the stripped-down Superlight 400 rockets from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds.”

Simon apparently fell instantly in love with the car, and after test-driving it last week, he described the motor as “unbelievable” and “one of the best cars in the world”.

caterham seven roadster

However, despite Simon’s propensity to spend a small fortune on playthings, his X Factor USA buddy and fellow coach Demi Lovato reckons he’s just a normal Joe Bloggs at heart.

She told Heat magazine, “I expected him to be a lot more intimidating…

“And I mean that in a humbling way, because when people think of Simon Cowell, they think like, ‘Oh, the big boss, he’s mean to people’ or whatever.

“But he’s super down-to-earth … Actually I don’t know about down-to-earth!

“He’s pretty fancy, but he’s a humble guy.

“When he walks in a room, it doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest celebrity or the biggest big-shot in the room, he’ll treat you the same as the person who’s coming into the room to bring you tea.

“I thought that was pretty cool.”

Yah like, it so iz!

Here’s a look at Demi and Simon in X Factor action…

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