X Factor 2013 bootcamp: Hannah Sheares misses out on judges houses! (VIDEO)

hannah sheares

Hannah Sheares caused herself all manner of emotional trauma when she split from her girl group the Daisy Chains, but it turns out that it was all for nothing.

The X Factor judges talked her into going solo but when she got to bootcamp, the 17 year old just didn’t cut the mustard unfortunately.

The 17 year old shop assistant from Birmingham performed River Deep, Mountain High by Ike & Tina Turner for the panel and before singing admitted:

“It’s horrible knowing that I haven’t got my best friends supporting me, today so far is the most important day of my life.”

Afterwards Gary Barlow said:


“We plucked you from a group, you were used to your friends around you. We saw potential in you and I think you have bags of potential, because you have a really good voice. You need to now control that voice.”

Nicole Scherzinger had to decide whether or not she wanted the teenager for her judges houses round but she wasn’t quite bowled over and to,d the young singer:

hannah sheares 1

“I felt like you gave me your all, however, it wasn’t the right song because the song has a lot of soul and you are still very young and I was lacking soul. Hannah, I don’t think you’re ready yet so I am going to have to send you home.”

Did you enjoy Hannah’s performance tonight? Did she deserve another chance? Leave your comments below….

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3 Responses to “X Factor 2013 bootcamp: Hannah Sheares misses out on judges houses! (VIDEO)”

  1. Julie Hodgkiss says:

    I think Nicole is right. I think she is a massive singer waiting to happen, but she has to get used to singing on her own first x x x

  2. Jan Bourne says:

    Yes she did deserve to go through fantastic singer fantastic looking girl the full package!

  3. chloe greenaway says:

    I think she should have gone through because they split her up from her friends and then let her go