X Factor 2013: Cheryl Cole tweets her thanks for the gift of a luxury Bentley!

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It has of course long been the practice of companies to give merchandise away for free to celebrities in return for a mention on Twitter or something similar.

Martine McCutcheon and Katie Price, to name but two celebs, have both recently been on the receiving end of free gratis or discounted stuff – such as hair extensions and facials – in return to mentioning the freebie on Twitter, and that’s all very nice…

However, according to the Daily Star, former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been given a car that’s worth around £265,000 in return for a mention on the social networking site!

The paper states, “POP star Cheryl Cole has been given her own Love Machine, a top-of-the-range Bentley.

“The Girls Aloud singer, 29, tweeted her thanks yesterday after accepting the brand new Mulsanne.”

cheryl cole

She was apparently given the car so that she can “zoom between gigs in comfort” not that I imagine she was ever catching the bus…

However, on Twitter, Cheryl wrote: “I have been so spoiled this tour!! Thank you @jbarclaybentley for my pressie!! #spoiledgirlaloud.”

The car apparently boasts a top speed of 184mph and can go from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds.

Additional features include hand-stitched leather seats, wood veneer surfaces and a state of the art sound system that has 14 hidden speakers.

Derek Bennett, of Jack Barclay Bentley, said, “It’s a very comfortable car and really has a sense of occasion about it.

“They’re UK-made cars and we thought it very appropriate to support the girls’ UK tour.”

However, around six years ago, Cheryl apparently wasn’t a big fan of Bentley as the paper reports that she made her former husband Ashley return the Bentley that he bought her for their first wedding anniversary.

In her autobiography, Cheryl wrote, “I’m not really into cars…but I took it out for a drive.

“I pulled up at some traffic lights and there was an elderly man next to me in a tiny little Polo.

“He’d probably fought in the war and there I was, swanking it up beside him in a Bentley.

“It just felt so wrong and I wanted to hide my face.

“I drove straight home and told Ashley the car had to go.”

Well evidently no pensioners and/or war veterans were around when she signed for her new ride this time.

Anywho, here’s a reminder of Cheryl on The Jonathan Ross show last year…

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10 Responses to “X Factor 2013: Cheryl Cole tweets her thanks for the gift of a luxury Bentley!”

  1. janey mac says:

    Exactly what has changed that makes her feel she derserves it now?? The woman is totally obnoxious.

    • jerry lee says:

      Are you still finding ways to insult Cheryl, she just so happened to get given it, I bet you wouldn’t turn it down, and I bet you wouldn’t be saying it if it was somebody else.

      • janey mac says:

        You again. Why didn’t you answer my last question then? Did Cheryl donate any money to the paltry £3k raised by her 3.6 million twitter followers? Or did she opt out yet again and worse, actually accept a car worth £250,000+ that she could have easily donated to comic relief automatically helping thousands of people in need. You fans seriously need to check your moral obligations and wake up to the fact that this woman is all about herself.

  2. lily says:

    i agree with u jerry lee ,why dont u have a go at the real obnoxious celebs , she wants to keep the car .wouldnt u .she does do things for charities ,u no she does what do u do .i think its all about u actualy ,what the hell has she done to rile u so much go pick on someone that deserves it janey mac

    • Zigazigga says:

      I think Cheryl Cole IS one of the real obnoxious celebs. Don’t think janey mac is picking on her at all just pointing out facts. U guys just don’t wanna hear it.

    • zigazigga says:

      I think Cheryl Cole IS one of the real obnoxious celebs. Don’t think janey mac is picking on her at all, just pointing out facts. U guys just don’t wanna hear it.

  3. kibbles says:

    Leave Cheryl alone she has done a lot for charity
    I wish her well and hope she returns to the X factor soon or on some judging panel

  4. janey mac says:

    How much has she rasied exactly? She charged £225k for a 30min mimed gig at an event in aid of breast cancer care last time she judged on x factor. Look it up if you dont believe me. The woman is vile.

  5. ... says:

    if you hate her so much, a) why do you need to read this? And b) aren’t you being a bit obnoxious yourselves, creating argumentative situations and being extremely judgemental about someone who frankly you know nothing about. All anyone knows is what they read/see in the press/media…… Would you like people judging you on that? From my judgement of what I have read from you on the Internet, you aren’t very nice… However I am sure this probably isn’t the case!
    Just a thought to consider :)