X Factor 2013: Christopher Maloney was “heckled” on live tour for crying on stage!

christopher maloney

Fans of The X Factor will of course know that finalist Christopher Maloney was about as popular as crabs at one point – specifically when he allegedly called former X Factor star Carolynne Poole a “c***” – and in fact, throughout the contest, he was very much the ‘marmite’ contestant.

Christopher was also accused of faking his frequent bouts of weepiness in order to gain viewers’ sympathy, and was slated for that too.

And according to The Sun, Christopher is still inclined to blub and fans are still inclined to have a go at him for it.

The paper states that he was “heckled” by the audience at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday night after he started crying on stage about his “journey” on the ITV1 talent show.

Adding that he “felt the need to go on about his ‘ups and downs’ twice during his four-song set” the paper adds that the audience were primarily made up of teenagers visiting from schools around the country.

However, in January, Christopher was reportedly “mobbed by fans” keen to get his autograph when he nipped into a McDonalds during a break in rehearsals for the live tour.

chris maloney

At the time, he tweeted, “rehearsals are going really well! really productive. having a great Time with everyone. its gonna b a brilliant tour, get ur tickets now xx”

He then posted a Twitpic of himself and Ella Henderson.

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One Response to “X Factor 2013: Christopher Maloney was “heckled” on live tour for crying on stage!”

  1. Kayla belle says:

    Serious tho ?
    Why did you take your time to comment on this ?? No one cares about Caroline Poole …
    Who is she ???